1. Conditioning

5 x 1000m row

1min rest between each interval

Notes: Try to go at a consistent pace here, Learn to not storm out of the gates too hard and rather build your speed. You know you are doing it properly if your pace/500m is consistent and you feel that ‘groove,’ if you feel like you are struggling to hang on to the pace time you created for yourself, you went out too hard. You can always get faster as you go, but if you go out too fast the only place you have to go is down.


On 3 min x 5 Rounds:

5 Tempo Deadlifts (X150)

Notes: explode up, 1 second at the top, 5 second negative, touch and go at the bottom

Part 2: 3 sets for quality

5 Glute ham raises or falls
30 sec side plank x 2
10 Glute bridges

3. Gymnastics Stamina

5 sets of:

5 Weighted Strict C2B

5 Kipping C2B

5 Bar Muscle Ups