Reframing Competition

We live in a world where every society has a different level of freedom. Although, many types of societies have different rulings on this freedom, some with less and some with more, there is one [...]

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The Nazca Spiral, Part 1: Progression Parallels

The Nazca plain in Peru has large figures laid out on the ground. They were made from about 200 BC until about AD 600, and they are still there because there is practically no rain. [...]

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A two way conversation

Coaching must start with relationship, we put a high value on the relationship between the coach and the athlete as a crucial step to progression. Logically, if we have not built a relationship first, we [...]

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Building Community through Culture

Love them or hate them, there is no better process on our planet, currently, than the 2000-present New England Patriots. It is the reason the New England Patriots have appeared in 5-6% of all of [...]

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The 4 Factors of Stimulus

T Stimulus: The intended physical stress of an effective training program.4 factors that comprise Stimulus:1. Muscular activation2. Joint performance range of motion and lever angles:Upper body: push/pullLower body: push/pullAnkle flex/ext3. Metabolic Range4. Scaling and progression.Scaling [...]

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To take our focus from magic recipe’s and secret shortcuts is not an easy task. Without a process to direct that focus it becomes a near impossibility. People are naturally inclined to take the path [...]

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