Words From our Coaches

Nutrition Most of the time the money in this industry is spent on supplements and quick fixes, when the most crucial step is making a lifestyle change that supports healthy behaviours. Most athletes don’t realize [...]

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Hormonal Response to Physical Exertion 

Many studies have shown the benefits that physical exertion have on our hormones which affect all four areas of our human development alone. When we experience physical exertion, not just exercise (there must be sweat [...]

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The Four Aspects of Human Development

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded to the individual.-Albert Einstein  We are beginning to understand that CrossFit, or any true athletic endeavor for that matter, carries with [...]

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Our Story

Part 1: Rebels with a cause “If you have a body, you are an athlete.” -Bill Bowerman It was 2006, we were two University students and washed up ex-athletes, Cam Cassidy and I had found [...]

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The Path Towards Fitness

We discussed fitness last week. The CFO way is to ensure that we are training people to become athletes of fitness, we believe everyone has the ability to tap into and find their true potential [...]

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Redefining Fitness, Again

What is Fitness? Instagram persona’s, models, and actors. We perceive people who look good to be in our definition of “fit.” What’s more is we have been told that this is what looks good through [...]

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