A two way conversation

Coaching must start with relationship, we put a high value on the relationship between the coach and the athlete as a crucial step to progression. Logically, if we have not built a relationship first, we [...]

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Building Community through Culture

Love them or hate them, there is no better process on our planet, currently, than the 2000-present New England Patriots. It is the reason the New England Patriots have appeared in 5-6% of all of [...]

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The 4 Factors of Stimulus

T Stimulus: The intended physical stress of an effective training program.4 factors that comprise Stimulus:1. Muscular activation2. Joint performance range of motion and lever angles:Upper body: push/pullLower body: push/pullAnkle flex/ext3. Metabolic Range4. Scaling and progression.Scaling [...]

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To take our focus from magic recipe’s and secret shortcuts is not an easy task. Without a process to direct that focus it becomes a near impossibility. People are naturally inclined to take the path [...]

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CrossFit Oshawa – The Open Seminar – 2018

On Saturday, we hosted our first seminar on The Open. We started with a ‘Minds On’ activity; participants were asked to write their answer on the whiteboard to the following question: “In ONE word, describe [...]

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CFO Nutrition

Dieting is one of the most over dramatized and misunderstood things that we do as human beings. Therefore, I am not going to sit here and tell you that I have a great diet, I [...]

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