Monday 040620

We are no longer going to be posting the daily CrossFit Oshawa class videos on our website. We will however still have the same structure of our previous posts and videos on our YouTube channel [...]

Sunday 040520

GENERAL WARMUP3 min Easy run, nose breathing20/20 Straight leg front-to-back swings20/20 Straight leg side-to-side leg swings MOBILITY60s Standing straddle forward foldSPECIFIC WARMUPABC Drills50ft X 2 each- time:10KM Run#cfocommunity #crossfitoshawa #keeptraining @stilltraining

Saturday 040420

GENERAL WARMUP3 Rounds:1 min Butt kicks30s Push-up to pike30s High kneesMOBILITY60s/60s Couch stretchSPECIFIC WARMUPWith a broomstick:10 Good mornings10 Back squats10 Elbow rotations10 Thrusters==========================================METCON - FULL EQUIPMENTFor time:21-15-12-9-6Thrusters @ 135/9515/12 Cal row--- right into ---2KM RunMETCON [...]

Friday 040320

GENERAL WARMUPEMOM for 6 min:Min 1: 10 Buttkicks + 5 high squat jumps + 10 buttkicksMin 2: 15s/15s Copenhagen plank holdMin 3: 5/5 Cossack squatsMOBILITY30s/30s Scorpion holdSPECIFIC WARMUPAMRAP for 3 min:10/10 Shoulder touches in push-up [...]

Thursday 04/02/20

GENERAL WARMUP2 Rounds:30 Mountain climbers10 reps/side Bulgarian split squatMOBILITY10 reps/side World's greatest stretch- WARMUP2 Sets:20s Glute bridge20s Squat hold (in the hole)20s/side Elbow side plank===================================METCON - FULL EQUIPMENT5 Rounds:AMRAP 3 min:200m Run30 DB squats [...]

Wednesday 04/01/20

GENERAL WARMUP3 Rounds:40s Jumping jacks20s V-upsMOBILITYElbow plank scap pushes + 2s pause- 20 reps, slow and controlled with pause in protractionSPECIFIC WARMUPAMRAP 3 min:20 Bird dogs10 Deadbugs======================================WEIGHTLIFTING - FULL EQUIPMENT6 Rounds:3 Deadlifts @ 70%60s Bike [...]

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