Tuesday 181218

Crossfit Oshawa - CrossFit   Metcon (Time) For time: 100 Cleans 135/95 lbs On each min athletes will complete 2 Turkish Get-ups 2/1.5p

Monday 181217

Crossfit Oshawa - CrossFitThis is our second week of tempo's. This is a very short cycle with this being our last week, where we will introduce another squat cycle in the new year. Tempo's are [...]

Sunday Funday 181216

Crossfit Oshawa - Open GymCrossFit Games Open 11.1 (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)10-Minute AMRAP of: 30 Double-Unders 15 Power Snatches, 75# / 55#CrossFit Games Open 13.2 (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)10 Min AMRAP 5 Shoulder [...]

Saturday 181215

Crossfit Oshawa - CrossFitMetcon (Time)Teams of 2 For time: 50 Burpee box jumps 30/24" 50 Toes to bar 50 Cals on the rower 50 Burpee box jumps 30/24" For reps to be completed, resting teammates [...]

Friday 181214

Crossfit Oshawa - CrossFitTempo Cycle: Week 13x5 Tempo Front Squats (5:3:x:1)Tempo Cycle: Week 13x8 Tempo Bench press (3:0:x:1)Metcon (Time)MetCon On 2mins x 7 for slowest interval: 8 Hang cleans 185/135 lbs 15 Shuttle sprints 25ft

Thursday 181213

Crossfit Oshawa - CrossFitMetcon (AMRAP - Reps)1min on each movement for total reps of: Cal Bike Handstand push-ups Cal Row Alternating Dummbell Snatch 50/35 lbs RestAnother Fight Gone Bad style, today we want to think [...]

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