Saturday 090719

Crossfit Oshawa - CrossFitMetcon (Time)3 rounds for time of: 12 Bar muscle ups 12 Thrusters 135/95lbs 800m RunWe are going to want to push the muscle ups to be unbroken, getting to the bar with [...]

Friday 090619

Crossfit Oshawa - CrossFitSnatch (On 30s x 5mins: 1 Squat Snatch @ 70%+)Hitting some tempo singles today where athletes will hit every set at 70%. Today is not about maxing out but rather executing sound [...]

Thursday 090519

Crossfit Oshawa - CrossFitMetcon (AMRAP - Reps)On 1min x 26mins for total reps completed: Min 1- 20 shuttle runs Min 2- 15 Cal MachineToday we have an emom that looks like intervals but is a [...]

Wednesday 090419

Crossfit Oshawa - CrossFitMetcon (Time)For time: 50 Cal Row 40 Cleans 155/105lbs 30 Toes to bar 20 Ring dipsIt will be a good strategy to pace the row enough to be fairly fresh when we [...]

Tuesday 090319

Crossfit Oshawa - CrossFitThe Bowles ComplexUnbroken, For max load: 7 Cleans + 5 Front squats + 3 JerksWelcome to the Bowles Complex! Today's reps on the cleans should be touch and go, on the front [...]

Monday 090219

Crossfit Oshawa - CrossFitHappy Labour Day! Holiday Class Times: 11am & 4:30pm *Open gym runs all dayMetcon (AMRAP - Reps)In Teams of 2 or 3 As many reps as possible in 25mins of: 2 cal [...]

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