Tuesday 190212

Crossfit Oshawa - CrossFitStrengthOn 2mins x 12mins of: 3 DeadliftsSqueeze the knees Thinking about squeezing the knees at the top of the lift. This will result in more activation through the anterior chain resulting in [...]

Monday 190211

Crossfit Oshawa - CrossFitMetcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)Gymnastics Conditioning As many rounds/reps as possible in 10mins of: 7 Ring muscle ups 10 Box jump overs 24/20"" 30s RestSome gymnastics at a high heart rate. [...]

Sunday Funday 190210

Crossfit Oshawa - Open GymMetcon (AMRAP - Reps)In teams of 2 As many reps as possible in 35 minutes of: Overhead walking lunges 45/25lbsWhen the athlete is performing lunges and drops the plate, both team [...]

Saturday 190209

Crossfit Oshawa - CrossFitMetcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)Teams of 2 As many rounds as possible in 20mins of: 10 Dumbbell Thrusters 50/35 lbs 20 Shuttle sprints 25ftIn this partner workout, athletes will alternate round [...]

Friday 190208

Crossfit Oshawa - CrossFitWeightliftingOn 1min x 10mins: 3 Power Snatch 3 Overhead SquatsLooking for quick reps with smooth transitions between movements. Touch n Go power snatch, driving the legs though the floor and receiving the [...]

Thursday 190207

Crossfit Oshawa - CrossFitFree Class Thursday! On every first Thursday of the month our classes are open to the public. Bring a friend and as part of our referral offering; earn a $50 Rogue gift [...]

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