Friday 070519- HPT

Speed Strengtha) On 30s x 10mins of:2 Banded Deadlifts 40%b) On 30s x 10mins of:2 Bench press*Go for technique and speedCFO Class: MetConFor time:10 Rope climbs30 Cal Bike100 Sumo deadlift high pull 2/1.5p50 Wallballs 20/14 [...]

Friday 070519

Crossfit Oshawa - CrossFitMetcon (Time)For time: 10 Rope climbs 30 Cal Bike 100 Sumo deadlift high pull 2/1.5p 50 Wallballs 20/14 lbs 200 Double undersA chipper that will start out difficult with the 10 rope [...]

Thursday 070419

Crossfit Oshawa - CrossFitMetcon (AMRAP - Reps)with a running 20 minute clock for reps: tabata row cals tabata air squats tabata kettlebell swings@1.5/1pood tabata push ups tabata sit upsFor each movement, athletes will complete a [...]

Wednesday 070319

Crossfit Oshawa - CrossFitMetcon (Time)For time: 50 Burpees 50 burpee pull ups 50 burpee box jump over 24/20"Very cool pacing workout today. Keep in mind there will be 150 burpees, it will be temping for [...]

Tuesday 190702

Crossfit Oshawa - CrossFitStrengthOn 3mins x 12mins for load: 50ft Front rack walking lunge Ascend in weightGoal with this during our deload week is to target the Glutes/hamstrings of the post chain, and have athletes [...]

Monday 190701

Crossfit Oshawa - CrossFitHoliday Class Times Today 11am-12pm 4:30pm-5:30pmTeam Kelly (Time)In teams of two 5 rounds for time of: 400m Team Run 60 Wallballs 20/14 lbs 60 Box jumps 24/20"Having fun getting down and dirty [...]

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