Love them or hate them, there is no better process on our planet, currently, than the 2000-present New England Patriots. It is the reason the New England Patriots have appeared in 5-6% of all of all time Super Bowl Championships, 41% of the ones that take place in this century.

Another team with a world famous process is the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Team. In the decade from 2000 to 2009, New Zealand won 100 tests for an 82% winning percentage.

Most people like to assign a hero to the story and attest that the talent of Tom Brady, the Genius of Bill Belichick, or the secret training of the All Blacks is the reason why teams like this are consistently winning. One may be lead to believe that the teams have a secret ingredient that nobody else has. But the real reason why these teams have found everlasting success is because they have found a way to allow their process to be dictated by their culture.

The two teams have been able to build in a relentless commitment to their internal culture, thus creating a substantial process, and with every individual contributing, it forms their community, the teams are unstoppable making the individuals unstoppable by default. Momentum is a great tool. When the people develop the culture that provides the community with momentum, it can then foster the process that serves the people for success. This is our “success loop.”

We put so much emphasis on our community, in order to build a culture that promotes the success of everyone involved. We all know the feeling of being involved in a process with a solid culture. There is an unbeatable momentum surge that we feel whenever we are in the presence of it. It’s why working out alone feels nothing like working out with a group.

At CFO, we offer two memberships, a class membership and an open gym only membership. The open gym is a much more affordable option, you can come into the gym whenever you would like and the daily program is still accessible. Athletes have all the tools they need in order to be able to go through our process on their own. The only difference between the two is the community; having all of the tools and being a part of a culture that breeds a community of people who thrive using those tools is why 99% of our athletes chose to be a part of our community.

We choose our words carefully. We haven’t created, found, or fashioned our community but rather built it, we have built it “brick by brick” (Belichick) from a culture of purpose, virtuosity, and health. We are nowhere near the New England Patriots or the All Blacks, however the foundation of our culture is rooted deep, so as long as we keep adding bricks and our people are a part of the success loop, we will continue to build greatness within our culture and ultimately serve our athletes in their pursuits.