17 12, 2018

Tuesday 181218- HPT

Gymnastics Strength

5 sets of:

20s Handstand hold + Max Strict handstand push-ups

CFO Class

3min Bike

2 rounds of:
10 Airplanes
10 Cossack squats


rack position stretch- 60s
Runners calf stretch- 60s

BB warm-up

5 Goodmornings
5 Elbow rotations
5 RDL’s
5 Halting clean deadlifts
5 Hang power cleans
5 power cleans

Power Clean

Chest over the bar
drilling the halting clean deadlift today, to reinforce the chest over the bar positon. Athletes can think about a string attached to the bar coming from their sternum with the bar always following the chest.

2 sets of:

20 Banded monster walks
15 Russian Kettlebell swings
20s Handstand hold
4 Turkish get-ups

10 power cleans
2 TGUs
We need to recognize the trap here. Having patience with smooth reps and relaxed breathing right from the get go will be the way to gradually chip our way through the 100 power cleans. Touch and Go reps are fine and also encouraged, but we want each min to be consistent. Feeling rushed will only cause athletes to get burried before they beggin. Instead, beggin with a gradual approach and rush the final couple of mins. Giving ourselves enough time to complete the turkish get-up with control.
For time:

100 Cleans 135/95 lbs

On each min athletes will complete 2 Turkish Get-ups 2/1.5p


100 Kettlebell swings / Russian swings

3 sets of:

10 Glute bridges
5 Crossover ATYT’s
10 Crossover Snow angels

Athletes can weight the glute bridges with a barbell if need be.


On 4mins x 5:

500m Row

16 12, 2018

Monday 181217- HPT

1. CFO wod

Tempo Cycle: Week 2

3 sets of:
3 Tempo Back Squats (3:5:x:1)
5 Tempo Strict press (1:3:x:1)


As many rounds as possible in 5mins of:

5 Thrusters 135/95 lbs
5 Chest to bar pull-ups

2. Conditioning

6 rounds for time of:

1min Bike for cals

1min Row for cals

1min Shuttle run 25ft

2mins rest

3. Midline Accessory Protocol 1

Accumulate 3mins in an L-sit hold
Accumulate 4mins in a plank hold
Accumulate 5mins in a bear hug 135/95lbs*

*3x45lbs / 1×45 lbs, 2 x 25lbs

14 12, 2018

Saturday 181215-HPT

1. Clean & Jerk

5 x 3 push press

2. Gymnastics Strength

3 sets of:

30% muscle ups

85% strict chest to bar pull-ups

percentages are based off of your max rep pr or your best guess.

3. CFO wod

Teams of 2

For time:

50 Burpee box jumps 30/24″

50 Toes to bar

50 Cals on the rower

50 Burpee box jumps 30/24″

For reps to be completed, resting teammates must hold a plank

13 12, 2018

Friday 181214- HPT

1. Clean & Jerk

Build to a heavy complex:

2 squat cleans + 1 Jerk

2. CFO wod

Tempo Cycle: Week 1

3 sets of:

5 Tempo Front Squats (5:3:x:1)

8 Tempo Bench press (3:0:x:1)


On 2mins x 7 for slowest interval:

8 Hang cleans 185/135 lbs

15 Shuttle sprints 25ft

3. Gymnastics Skill

5 sets of:

70% Butterfly chest to bar pull-ups

70% Butterfly pull-ups

*Percentage is based off of your max number of reps for the movement. Or your best guess. Your goal is smooth reps working on tightening the kip.

4. Midline Conditioning

On 1min x 20 mins:

Min 1- 15/12 cal row

Min 2- 10 GHD sit-ups

12 12, 2018

Thursday 181213- HPT

Active Recovery Day:

Come in and do a long warm-up then join our Thursday stretching or Yoga. Go for a swim, bike, run, row, long hike. On YouTube search: Mobility WOD, ROM wod, have an epsom salts bath. Do something active to recover your body.

11 12, 2018

Wednesday 181212- HPT

1. Barbell cycling

3 sets:

10 clean and jerks

These should be touch n go, use a weight that you can complete quick reps with.

2. CFO wod

For total time of:

3 rounds:

12 Barbell lunges 135/95 lbs*

10 Burpee over the barbell

*Bar can be back or front racked.

3min rest

3 rounds:

10 Push jerks 135/95 lbs

10 Burpee over the barbell

3. Midline Accessory

2min L sit hold

Every break complete a 20 cal bike followed by a 2min rest

The idea is to go hard on the bike making this an isometric hold pairing with a steady sprint on the bike.

10 12, 2018

Tuesday 181211- HPT

1. Gymnastics strength

3 sets of:

5 strict def handstand push-ups + max kipping def handstand push-ups

2. CFO wod

*Make sure to hop in for the CFO skill work today

5 rounds for time of:

10 Chest to bar pull-ups

10 Ring dips

20 Kettlebell swings 2/1.5p

3. Conditioning

For time:

3,000m row*

*Each 90s complete 30 double unders

4. Strength Accessory

Push/Pull Protocol 2:

3 sets of:

10 Dumbbell Bench Press’

10 Kettlebell bent over rows

9 12, 2018

Monday 181210- HPT

1. Snatch

Build to a heavy complex:

3 Halting snatch deadlifts + 1 Hang power snatch

Halting Snatch Dead video

2. CFO wod

Tempo Cycle: Week 1

3 sets of:

5 Tempo Back Squats (5:3:x:1)

8 Tempo Strict press (3:0:x:1)


As many rounds as possible in 8mins of:

15 Wallballs 20/14 lbs

10 Box jump overs 24/20″

7 12, 2018

Saturday 181208- HPT

1. Gymnastics strength

5 sets of:

80% strict chest to bar pull-ups

5 Russian Dips

10 GHD sit-ups

2. CFO wod

Teams of 3

60-45-30 reps for time of:

Cal Bike

Power snatch

60’s: 95/65 lbs

45’s: 115/75 lbs

30’s: 135/95 lbs

6 12, 2018

Friday 181207- HPT

1. CFO wod


5 sets of:

5 Tempo Front Squat (5:3:X:1)


21-15-9 reps for time of:

Squat Clean to thruster 165/115 lbs

5 rope climbs

2. Accessory

Shoulder Protocol 1:

3 sets of:

12 DB Front raises

12 DB Lateral raises

12 DB Shoulder press