2 02, 2020

Monday 030220- HPT

CFO Class: Gymnastics Conditioning

EMOM x 4
Min 1-
10 Toes to bar + 10 Chest to bar pull-ups
Min 2-
15/12 Cal Bike

Here we have a gymnastics pulling workout. With 10 toes to bar right into 10 c2b, athletes will want to think about two different kipping styles. We want to think about being long and tight in the toes to bar, as there is an endurance and stamina aspect to this, where on the C2B we want to be smooth and fast. The toes to bar arms will be long and actively pushing the bar away like we are trying to move the bar to the toes, the chest to bar we want to pull our chest into the bar quickly like we are hitting a button that sits on our chest over and over. On the rower, we should be utilizing the minute to our advantage not trying to sprint through the cals.
CFO Class: MetCon

As many rounds as possible in 20mins of:

20 Kettlebell swings 70/50lbs
20 Wallballs 20/14lbs
10 Burpee box jump overs 24/20″

A nice long chipper with our posterior chain and grip being a factor in the heavier kb swings, we will switch off to a more quad and front delt dominant movement. These movements will blend well, but athletes should be fairly fatigued going into the burpee box jump overs. It is here where we will want to see athletes pace the workout. Over such a long period of time we can play the interval game with it, KB swings and Wall Ball we will go hard, and we will slow it right down to a sustainable RPE for the BBJ overs.

3 x 8mins on Machine of your choice
2min rest
Glute Accessory

Accumulate 3mins Banded glute March hugging sandbag
31 01, 2020

Saturday 010220- HPT

CFO Class: Metcon

For time
20 Box Jumps over wall 48″
25 Squat Snatch @95/65
10 DB Burpee Clean to Thruster
60 DB Front rack Lunges
10 DB Burpee Clean to Thruster
25 Squat Snatch @95/65
20 Box jumps over wall 48″

DB’s 50/35lbs

Today’s MetCon has nothing to do with our max effort week, we programmed this one to simply take a break from thinking about stimulus and simply push hard and have fun. We should keep in mind that in a pyramid chipper it is best to approach with the intensions of making the back side of the chipper faster than the first. Knowing when to be consistent and knowing when push hard is key, but we should always be trying to have fun!

Banded Glute bridge
5 x 20
Hold for 5 seconds after every 5 reps
Rest 60 seconds between sets

12 rounds of

12 Cal Bike
8 x 50ft weighted run*
30s rest

*Weight your run with a vest, light sandbag, or single DB on your shoulders. Choose your own weight.
30 01, 2020

Friday 310120- HPT

Gymnastics/Odd Object Conditioning

EMOM x 5 rounds

Min 1-
100ft Heavy Sandbag carry
Min 2-
20 Alternating Pistols

It’s Max effort MetCon Day, we are going to be running through three staple tests for our max effort training today. We have balanced training across Gymnastics, weightlifitng, and monostructural components. Remember that this is max effort training and not a test. We want to attempt to go as unbroken as possible and as hard as possible right out of the gate to see how long we can hang on for. Even if we have to rest and sacrifice our overall score to do so.
CFO Class: Gymnastics

For time:
30 Ring muscle ups

4min rest

In a max effort setting, we should be attempting to conserve energy during our reps as much as possible in gymnastics. Having a strong focus on smoothly gliding through our kip in the back swing, rather than rushing our reps will help us to sustain more reps unbroken.
CFO Class: MetCon


30 Clean and Jerks 135/95lbs

4min Rest

Use what we have learned from barbell cycling, connect the top of the lift to the bottom of the lift as efficiently as possible. Sometimes it helps to think about attempting to mimic accepting a kb swing when the bar meets our thigh. Weight rocks back to the heel chest is tall over the bar and we are set up to touch n go for our next rep. Keeping this portion of the lift efficient will help us ultimately use more legs and sustain more unbroken reps.
CFO Class: Conditioning

500m Row

Go hard, don’t die, have fun. We should be aware of positioning, rather than attempting to rip the handle off the chain a better focus is posterior chain engagement and a smooth recovery stroke.

6 sets from low hang
2 power snatch + 1 Squat snatch
Mid Back Accessory

4 sets
10 trap 3 raises
10 Kelso shrugs
29 01, 2020

Thursday 300120- HPT

Active Recovery Day:

Come in and do a long warm-up then join our Thursday stretching or Yoga. Go for a swim, bike, run, row, long hike. On YouTube search: Mobility WOD, ROM wod, have an epsom salts bath. Do something active to recover your body.

28 01, 2020

Wednesday 290120- HPT

Weightlifting Technique

6 x 3 Clean and jerks
*No hook grip, no contact

Releasing our hook grip and not allowing the bar to make contact at all with our bodies will tell us a lot about our lift. It will highlight smaller errors that might go unnoticed otherwise. How’s your hip extension?

Clean & Jerk

Work up to a heavy:

Power Clean + Squat Clean

CFO Class: Strength

Push press
Work up to a heavy 3 reps

Let’s get heavy! Athletes, ensure that our elbows are not dropping as the we descend, this means we’re probably pressing too early which takes away from the value of leg drive fairly dramatically. There is also the fault of pressing to late which we will notice from a severe arch in the low back, abs should remain engaged during the dip and the drive.
CFO Class: MetCon

AMRAP 6mins
21/18 Cal Row
21 Box jump overs 24/20″

4mins rest

AMRAP 6mins
21/18 Cal Bike
21 Power cleans 135/95lbs

With two shorter amrap’s to deal with today we will have two scores we are going to attempt to recover as much as possible on our 4min rest paying attention to our time of recovery. A lot of fitness is focused on the work, when in reality the fittest people are the ones who recover fastest. Best methods of recovery are going to be staying on your feet and moving around, taking in small quantities of water, and staying mentally loose.
Gymnastics Max Effort

3 x Max Strict handstand push-ups

3 sets
AMRAP 2min Ski
4min rest
Midline Accessory

3 sets
20 GHD sit-ups
10/10 half kneeling landmine rotations
6-8 Strict TTB
27 01, 2020

Tuesday 280120- HPT

Gymnastics Conditioning

EMOM x 6
2-6 Bar muscle ups

right into

EMOM x 6
15/12 Cal Row

right into

EMOM x 6
2-6 Bar muscle ups

The goal on this is to figure out where you faulter, if your reps are better in the first EMOM we need to work on our gymnastics stamina. If they are better in the second EMOM we are overthinking our movement patterns. It is imperitive to keep our reps consistent throughout this whole training piece.
Gymnastics Strength

a) 6 x 3 Weighted strict pull-ups, ascending
b) 6 x 3 Weighted strict ring dips, ascending
CFO Class: Max Effort Strength

Back Squat

Build to a heavy Cluster set

2 + 1 reps

Despite our last cluster set that was built for volume, today’s is built for max efforts.
CFO Class: MetCon

50-40-30-20-10 reps for time of:

Wallballs 20/14lbs

A long distance Fran, athletes will need to think about pacing on this workout. In our overall approach we are looking for athletes to manage the rest not the reps, a focus on keeping rests short should allow us to keep moving on this workout rather than be hung up on a certain amount of reps and having to rest for longer periods. On the pull-ups athletes should think about being long and tight, pushing horizontally on the bar to generate momentum, not kicking the feet. On the wallballs athletes should ensure that we are keeping our legs driving and our upper body relaxed to attempt to allow the lower half to do most of the work here. Have fun with it and push hard!

5 x 6/6 Half kneeling landmine press
Power Conditioning

6 sets
20s Max wattage row
4 Max height box jumps
25ft heavy sled push

Rest as needed
26 01, 2020

Monday 270120- HPT


a) 4 x 1 Tall snatch

b) 4 x 1 Muscle snatch

c) 4 x heaving snatch balance

d) 4 x 1 tempo 1st pull squat snatch
*Take 5 seconds to get to 2nd pull power pos. and snatch
CFO Class: Snatch

E2MOM x 8 (16mins)

Set 1-2 Snatch 1 @ 85%
Set 2-4 Snatch 1 @ 90%
Set 5 Snatch 1 @ 87%
Set 6 Snatch 1 @ 90%
Set 7-8 Snatch 1 @ 92%+

As part of our maximal effort week, we are incorporating a wave progression. Athletes will lift up to 90% then back down to 87% then progressing up to 92%+ Athletes should make sure that if they have a recent pr we are basing our percentages off of 90% of our recent 1RM. If we are using an old pr that we are confident with we are just going to use that exact number. The purpose of the wave progression is to break through plateau’s. We all get plateau’s and the wave method is a great way to utilize in our training for the body to adapt more easily to a heavy load. Think of it like sticking your toes in extremely hot water, if we want to be comfortable enough to get all the way in we need to stick the toes in and back out multiple times before the same temperature seems cooler and more comfortable. This is how a wave progression works biologically, the temperature, or loads in our case stay the same but the body productively adapts to the stress.
CFO Class: MetCon

E3MOM x 4 for best round time of:

21 Kettlebell swings
15 Cal Row
9 Burpees

Coming off the complexity of the snatch, we are hitting this high intensity “MetCon Max Effort” Triplet. We have simpler movements with similar movement patterns to the snatch as sort of an accessory to the snatch but also a way to get in some interval training in our max effort week. We should be able to give our full efforts each round attempting to best our time each and every round, recording our actual best time in one of the given rounds.

Concentric Front Squat

5 x 2 reps @RPE 9.5
Rest 3-4mins

4 x 20 cal Bike
Rest 3mins
Post Chain Accessory

4 sets
12 Pause Reverse Hypers* @ RPE 5
20 prone banded hamstring curls

*Pause at the top of the swing
24 01, 2020

Saturday 250120- HPT

Upper Body Dynamic Effort

E30secOM x 6

1- Banded Bench press 2 reps @ 30%+bands
2- Band resisted strict pull-ups 4 reps
3- Explosive Band pull aparts 6 reps
CFO Class: MetCon

For time:

15-12-9 reps
Deadlift 315/225lbs
Strict Handstand push-up

Rest 2mins

21-15-9 reps of
Deadlift 225/155 lbs
Handstand push-ups

Rest 2mins

3 rounds
20 Deadlifts 135/95lbs
50ft Handstand walk

A fun challenging mashup for the week-end with some needed volume. This doesn’t necessarily fit with our dynamic effort phase this week, but athletes should be feeling better from a muscle soreness standpoint today as it’s been almost one week since our volume cycle. The descending deadlifts will have a feel to them as will the descending difficulty of the hand stand movements. We should expect to go from slow and controlled to fast and smooth as they work their way through each couplet.
Gymnastics Conditioning

3 rounds for time of:

1,000m Row
20 Pistols
2min rest
Odd object

2 rounds
50 GHD sit-ups
200′ Heavy Sandbag Carry (hugging)

Post chain Accessory

Banded Glute bridge
5 x 20
Hold for 5 seconds after every 5 reps
Rest 60 seconds between sets
23 01, 2020

Friday 240120- HPT

Lower body Dynamic Effort

8 sets

2 Jumping Back squats @ 35%
25ft Broad Jumps
3 max seated box jumps


3 Power Snatch @ 60%
CFO Class: BTN Jerk

Behind the neck pause Jerk
5 x 2 @ascending, 70%+

*2 seconds pause at the bottom of the dip

We are going from behind the neck to give our rack positions a break and to enforce a straighter bar path. Going from behind the neck also allows us to focus on rotating the torso back from the hip for a straighter line there as well. As soon as we have these straight positions we can focus on a big drive from the pause hard with the legs through the floor, extending the hip strong though the torso into the bar. As soon as the bar comes off the shoulder, the focus is immediately turned to the opposite direction with an agressive punch of the arms through the barbell in order to, not propell the bar up further, but to drive the body down under the bar to lockout.
CFO Class: MetCon

Tabata Chipper

40/32 Cal Row
40 Chest to bar pull-ups
20 Squat Snatch 135/95lbs
20 Ring muscle ups

Today’s workout athletes will chip away working in a tabata format, moving onto the next movement once we have completed the initial movement. The tabata format is 20s of work followed by 10s of rest. We should look to sustain our pace, the row is quite tempting to let it all out there, but we need to remember that we will need our composure later on for a complex barbell movement. The two gymnastics movements are similar in pattern, the way we rep them out will likely be different. The C2B, we should be basically going for broke, where as the RMU, we should be very composed and systematic in our rep management.


a) EMOM x 6 rounds

Min 1-
20s Cal Bike
Min 2-
20s Cal Ski

4min rest

b) For time:
total cal Bike
2min rest
total cal ski
Shoulder health

Instable Barbell OH Carry
5 x 50′
Rest as needed between sets

*Use band suspended kbs or plates
22 01, 2020

Thursday 230120- HPT

Active Recovery Day:

Come in and do a long warm-up then join our Thursday stretching or Yoga. Go for a swim, bike, run, row, long hike. On YouTube search: Mobility WOD, ROM wod, have an epsom salts bath. Do something active to recover your body.