21 01, 2020

Wednesday 220120- HPT


3 sets

3 Explosive Russian dips
5 Hips to rings
7 Pike pulls
CFO Class: Gymnastics Conditioning

EMOM x 6

Min 1-
12/9 Cal Row
Min 2-
3 Band resisted ring dips

*We should be getting plenty of rest within this 12min EMOM, power outputs should remain high.

3 rounds of:

AMRAP 2mins

6 Front squats @ 70%
4 Box jumps 42/32″
1 Rope climb

3min Rest

*Continue where you left off each set for one overall score. Note your front squat load in the score.

Looking to stay consistent between the three 2min interval amraps. Our rep cycle speed should remain high until the end with the 3min rest. Front squats; we are looking to stay tall on the way down and drive up through the bar with a massive amount of speed. Box jumps; we need to be careful on the way down but find a rythm, we should expect the front squat should take some power away from these. The rope climb being the only upper body movement we have, we want to attack thinking fast hands up the rope.
Conditioning Intervals

8 x Max wattage on the rower in 10 strokes
2min Rest
Shoulder Accessory

3 sets
10/10 single arm banded angel
10 banded chest rows
20 01, 2020

Tuesday 210120- HPT

Weightlifting Technique

Clean & Jerk

6 x 1 clean pull + 3 Scarecrow cleans
CFO Class: Clean & Jerk

Clean & Jerk

1. EMOM x 3
70% x 4
2mins rest

2. EMOM x 3
60% x 6
2mins rest

3. EMOM x 3
55% x 8
2mins rest

4. EMOM x 3
50% x 10

Today we introduce barbell cycling, this will be the highest volume training piece of the week. We should be sure to recognize that these percentages are completely maintainable, its just the volume that will get challenging. The first two sections will be where we want to push for speed per repetition and work on cycling the barbell quickly. The last two will see a drop off in speed and more of a focus on maintainability.
CFO Class: MetCon

2 Rounds for time of:

20/16 cal Bike
12 Burpees
2min rest

This is an all out gut check. We should attempt to relentlessly attack this workout like we are being unleashed towards a workout standing in the way between you and your goals, your goals just on the other side. With only two rounds and a 2min rest in between athletes should look for a 1:2 work to rest ratio at least, scaling repititions to ensure this happens is key. The challenge then becomes, can we sustain our time from round 1 to round 2?
Strength Accessory

3 Sets
3 Weighted strict pull-ups
3 BTN Push press
Power Conditioning

6 sets
8/6 Cal Ski Erg @ damper 10
3 x (2 Burpee box jumps 30/24″ + 2 HAP wallball)

Rest as needed
*On the burpee box jumps, land in a fully extended position at the top of the box for maximal power output on the jump
Core, iso

3 sets
15s L sit hold on rings
30s GHD sit-up hold @ parallell
45s Plank hold
90s Rest
19 01, 2020

Monday 200120- HPT

Gymnastics Power

EMOM x 6 rounds
Min 1
6 Toes to bar*
Min 2
3 Deficit hspu

*If your max is over 15 reps, perform these weighted with a medball between the feet. We are looking for this to be explosive and powerful, scale as needed for this stimulus. Nothing should be crazy difficult rep to rep.
CFO Class: Back squat

Backsquat+ Bands @ 30-40%

E30secMOM x 10
2 reps
We are getting to 30-40% of our 1RM Squat, adding a little bit of band tension, and squatting for speed. We have worked on positions and dialed them in, our challenge now is to hold our positions through speed. The purpose of dynamic effort is to prime the CNS and develop our muscular contractile potential. We are not looking for heavy weights at maximal efforts, we are looking to have overly managable loads on our bars that we can hit consistently fast and explosive.
CFO Class: MetCon

EMOM x 8

Min 1-
9 Thrusters 95/65lbs
Min 2-
3 Bar muscle ups

We are essentially looking for high power outputs, if we are too metabolically fatigued, this won’t happen even though we are doing the same work. This is low rep, light weight work, athletes can maximize their training response by putting as much effort into every rep as possible. Our efforts today are fixed, there is no score for this MetCon. This is pure training where we will only get out of it what we put into it. Over the 12mins of this dynamic effort MetCon we should be fully recovered min to min. We are looking for fast, agressive repetitions. Exactly similar to the backsquat approach in a MetCon setting. This is one of those workouts that we have to remind ourselves is part of the process, we need to ensure that the effort is high even when the work is low.
Post chain, iso

45° Glute ham raise Hold on GHD
3 x max time
Tempo Interval conditioning

20 rounds
45s @ RPE 3
15s @ RPE 9

*Rest 2mins every 5 rounds
17 01, 2020

Saturday 180120- HPT

CFO Class: MetCon

AMRAP 25mins of:

30 Ring dips
20 Power cleans 95/65lbs
30 Cal Row
10 Double dumbbell hang snatch 2×50/35lbs

A long one today, Our last workout of our volume phase. We are trying to simply accumulate reps through less demanding gymnastics movements, weightlifting loads, and cals on the machine. Push hard today and have fun knowing that to accumulate a lot of overall reps we are going to have to limit our reps performed in the first round. Less reps unbroken with quicker breaks will prove to be an effective strategy to last the full 25mins at a consistent pace.
Gymnastics conditioning

4 rounds of
20 cal bike
Max HS walk*

*if over 50ft add an obstacle
Gymnastics strength

E90secOM x 5
Min 1
Peg board ascent
Min 2
Max effort handstand push-ups
Aerobic Conditioning

3 x 10min Bike @ RPE 6-7-8
Odd object

EMOM x 6
Min 1
5 Fat bar Hang cleans
Min 2
75′ Sandbag Carry @Heavy

Accumulate 30 reps
Parallette Tuck to Straight leg L-sit

Weighted GHD Sit-ups to parallel
4 x 10 @Heavy
Rest 60 seconds between sets
16 01, 2020

Friday 170120- HPT


15-12-9-6-3 reps

Sumo Deadlift
Bent over row

Rest 2mins between sets building up to the heaviest possible
CFO Class: Back squat

Back squat 
cluster set

E2MOM x 8 @85%
5 squats + 3 squats

E2MOM x 8 = Every 2mins on the 2mins for 16mins In a cluster set athletes will perform the initial required reps set the bar down in the rack for 10seconds and then hit the next required reps. In our case it will be 5 back squats 10 second rest followed by 3 back squats for 8 total reps over 8 sets.
CFO Class: MetCon

4 rounds for time of:

100 Double unders
15 Dumbbell Thrusters 2 x 50/35lbs
15 Toes to bar

A classic triplet balanced through conditioning, DB, and high rep gymnastics components. We know in these workouts we need to manage our work:rest appropriately, attempting to keep the first round very similar to the last round. A major area of focus will be to save the shoulders as much as possible, we can do this by relaxing the wrists on the skippping rope and driving with as much leg as possible on the thruster, looking for speed through the middle. This should allow us to sustain a higher level of intensity over the four rounds without as much fatigue.
Shoulder Accessory

3 sets
20 tall kneeling banded angels
20 weighted arm circles


3 x 1,500m Row
1min rest

set 1- RPE 7
set 2- RPE 8
set 3- RPE 9/10
Post Chain Accessory

Accumulate 400ft of silver back swings
15 01, 2020

Thursday 160120- HPT

Active Recovery Day:

Come in and do a long warm-up then join our Thursday stretching or Yoga. Go for a swim, bike, run, row, long hike. On YouTube search: Mobility WOD, ROM wod, have an epsom salts bath. Do something active to recover your body.

14 01, 2020

Wednesday 150120- HPT

Weightlifitng Technique

5 x 3 Tall snatch + 3 High hang snatch @ 30-40%
CFO Class: Snatch

7 x 3 Halting Snatch deadlifts + 3 Hang snatch + 3 Overhead squats
@ 70-75%

Looking for straight bar path and loaded legs. The halting snatch deads should force athletes into a loaded position, chests as far away from the barbell as possible, accumulating tension through the legs as we stand. The hang snatch looking to get back to that same loaded position as we had at the top of the halting snatch dead. Looking for quick turnover on the bar The OHS we will experience some fatigue in the legs and shoulder stability, fighting to keep the scaps retracted is a must here.
CFO Class: MetCon

For time:

75 Snatch 75/55lbs
50 Alternating DB Snatch 50/35lbs
25 Burpee Box jump overs 24/20″

A triplet chipper where we will have to be smart about the integrity of our mechanics. Going from the BB snatch to the DB snatch, two aggressive but lighter lower body pulls, we have very similar body functions happening here. Best practices here will be to pace this not as separate movements at 75 and 50 reps, but as 125 reps of the same motor pattern respectively. Then when we get to the burpee box jump overs the wheels can almost come off. 25 reps seems a lot better than 125, but we should be steady fast on this, not aggressively fast.
Interval Conditioning

5 rounds

15 cal ski
90s rest
10 cal bike
2min rest
Post Chain Accessory

3 sets

6 Glute ham raises
12 Reverse hypers @ Tempo 3.0.X.0
13 01, 2020

Tuesday 140120- HPT


EMOM x 5 rounds

Min 1
3-4 rope climbs
Min 2
10 GHD sit-ups
CFO Class: Weightlifting Benchmark

“CFO Lynn”

5 sets of:
Max rep Bench press @ 75%
Max rep Strict pull-ups

A strength workout to facilitate our volume phase of the cycle. We should attempt to accumulate as many reps as possible accross the five sets, the best way to do this is to NOT go to complete failure in the first few sets. We should be able to hit north of 10 reps on each movement for the entire five sets, but stopping just short of failure for the first few will help us stay consistent throughout.
Gymnastics Accessory

6 sets

12 pike pulls on the rower
10 Straight arm banded lat pull-downs
30s GHD w hold
Aerobic Conditioning

4 rounds
40 cal row
30 step ups 24/20″
20 cal bike
Midline Accessory

5 x 5 Dragon flies
12 01, 2020

Monday 011320- HPT


Clean from blocks
6 sets of:
2 x 1 power clean + 2 Squat cleans + 1 Jerk

set 1-2 @ 78%
set 3-4 @ 82%
set 5-6 @ 80%
CFO Class: Front Squat

Max rep @ 85%
4mins rest
Max rep @ 70%
4mins rest
Max rep @ 55%

Entering a week of volume, we will be hitting this descending Front squat gauntlet to get the legs feeling nice and spicey to start off the week. Testing is over, now we train. The 85% set of squats should feel fairly heavy, athletes will have an easier time reaching a true failure point here. The 70% load will feel a lot better for the first initial reps, then we should feel a wall come shortly after. Now, the 55% this is a tricky little thing, it’s going to feel very light on our shoulders, our legs should be feeling very heavy at this point and athletes will have to fight for reps. There is a clear point when we fail today, and it’s not when the bar cannot travel any longer. Our failure point is when we fail to maintain neutral spine positioning.
CFO Class: MetCon

AMRAP 15mins:

50ft Handstand walk
12/9 cal machine
150ft Farmers Carry 70/50lbs
15/12 cal machine

We will work back and forth between the gymnastics and monostructural movements to accumulate volume. We should fight for high levels of intesnity on the handstand walks and farmers carry while maintaining on the machines, going slightly faster on the shorter distance than the lengthier distance.
Weightlifitng Accessory

5 sets
10/side Tall kneeling DB Press
8/side BB bulgarian split squats

EMOM x 30
10/8 cal sprint
10 01, 2020

Saturday 011120- HPT

Gymnastics Power

Build to a maximal:

3 rep deficit hspu
CFO Class: MetCon

“Couplet test”

21-15-9 reps for time of:

Thrusters 135/95lbs
Chest to bar pull-ups

This is steroid Fran. Athletes will have to MOVE hard and fast and is a pure test of physical ability.
Midline Accessory

5 Sets
10 Evil wheels
10 Banded Hip extenstions

5 sets @ AHAP
5 Barbell Z press
5 Belt squats
Aenarobic Intervals

EMOM x 12

10s Max cal Bike