29 12, 2019

Monday 123019- HPT

Weightlifting Technique

a) 4 x 4 tall jerk

b) 4 x tall power clean
CFO Class: Clean & Jerk

5 x 1 Power clean + 1 Squat Clean + 1 Jerk
@ 50-60%

Athletes should have a focus of driving through the floor to extend the hip. Too often we see athletes trying to force the hip into the bar, when we should be letting hip extension happen as a natural result of driving the legs through the floor in order to produce the highest amount of directional force. This is for the clean and the jerk.
CFO Class: MetCon

As many rounds as possible in 15mins of:

12 Handstand push-ups
6 Power Snatch 135/95lbs
25 ft Handstand walk
15/12 cal Machine

The purpose of this workout is for athletes to beggin accumulating intensity. We have a pretty intensive cycle beggining next week, this workout is meant to produce a stimulus for athletes to attack, this is no puppy dog workout, the reps are meant to be maintainable for the gymnatics and weightlifting, with athletes cruising on the machine.
Tempo Conditioning

4 rounds
2min Bike RPE 6
1min rest
1min Bike RPE 8
2min rest
Post chain/Midback accessory

4 x 15 Bent over DB fly’s
27 12, 2019

Saturday 122819- HPT


6 sets
5 Close grip bench press @ 60%
5 Strict Chest to bar pull-ups

Getting back to some loading. This should be easier.
For time:

50 Push-ups
30 Cal Machine
150 Double unders
30 Burpees
50 Toes to bar
150 Shuttle runs

A chipper that uses a blend of body weight and monostructural movements sticking to an upperbody loading plan to counter yesterdays post chain response. Any lower body usage is intended to flush out our muscle soreness. Today is a great day to develop upper body gymnastics base strength as well as actively recover from yesterday.
Aerobic Conditioning

3 rounds:

50 Cal Bike
3min rest
Post Chain Accessory

5 x 8 Reverse Hypers
26 12, 2019

Friday 122719- HPT

CFO Class: MetCon


Version 1:

“Chad Wilkinson”

For time:

1,000 box step ups 20″

Wear 45/35lbs pack

This is a very long sustained effort, when usually our workouts are so quick that we don’t think about hydration and fuel, today is almost neccessary to bring plenty of water maybe an electolyte replacement and some fruit to munch on. Plan to be here for a while when doing the full version of today’s wod. Dedicated to Chad Michael Wilkinson of the US Navy who died on October 29, 2018, in Virginia Beach on active duty after 22 years of service.

As many rounds as possible in 4mins of:
15 cal Row
10 Burpee over the erg

2mins rest

As many rounds as possible in 3mins of:
12 cal Row
8 Burpee over the erg

1min rest

For time:
20 Cal Row
15 Burpee over the erg

3 sets
10 Strict press
1min T hold 5/2.5lbs
25 12, 2019

Thursday 122619- HPT

In teams of two or three complete as many rounds as possible in 25mins of:

15 Calorie Row

12 Calorie Bike

9 Pull-ups

Today is a fun team endurance wod. Pull-up variation should be something that is undoubtedly unbroken every single round. Athletes can choose to break this up how they wish in a gauntlet fashion meaning all athletes will have to start on the Cal Row, filtering through athlete 1,2, then 3, all following eachother. One round is complete once all teammates are through an entire round. Scores will be rounds and total partial reps added amoung teammates.

24 12, 2019

Wednesday 122519- HPT

Merry Christmas!

Off day, enjoy your day!

23 12, 2019

Tuesday 122419- HPT


On 2mins x 16mins:
2 Low hang power snatch + 2 Low hang squat snatch @ 40%
Weightlifting Technique

4 x 4 Snatch to plates @ 30%
Weightlifting Accessory

4 sets
4 sotts press
10 Bulgarian Split squats
CFO Class: MetCon

In teams of 2 or 3, going round for round, complete as many total reps as possible in 25mins of:

3 Wallballs 20/14lbs
3 Burpee box jump overs 24/20″
3 Kettlebell swings 50/35lbs

Going up by 3 repetitions each round until the 25min mark

A fun holiday Team workout. Get together and have some fun with this one and push each other. Athletes will perform the rounds of 3, one teammate doing an entire round before subbing the next athlete in, one athlete working at a time. Once all teammates have completed the round of 3, the team can then go onto the round of 6. The nature of this workout will have us thinking it is very easy for the first 5mins, after that it will get real, real quick.
Upper body Accessory

5 sets
10 ring rows
10 push-ups
22 12, 2019

Monday 122319- HPT


On 1min x 20mins

15/12 Cal Row
15/12 Cal Bike
CFO Class: MetCon

3 rounds for total reps of:

1 minute of Power cleans
1 minute of Bike
1 minute of Push press
1 minute of Rowing
Rest 1 minute

Men: 95 lb.
Women: 65 lb.

First Workout of our Deload week. With the score being the total amount of repetitions today, we can take a few things into account. Don’t feel like these sets have to be unbroken on the barbell. 1 or 2 short breaks within the minute keep things moving is better than getting a few extra reps here and getting gassed is taking the extra break, ramping things up on the bike and having that push on the rower to finish out the round before a minute of rest.
Gymnastics MetCon

For time:
20 Burpees
20 Chest to bar pull-ups
20 Burpees
20 Pull-ups
Midline Accessory

5 sets
1min Sandbag bearhug
12 GHD sit-ups
20 12, 2019

Saturday 122119- HPT

CFO Class: MetCon

For time:
2,000ft Farmers Carry 2×70/50lbs

*Anytime we take a break athletes will complete 1 round of cindy
5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 Air squats

Athletes will perform this on the 50ft track, The goal is to simply hang onto the farmers carry as long as possible to stave off the penalty Cindy for as long as possible.

5 x 4 Thrusters + 8 Front squats
Strength Accessory

Bench Press
Bent over Barbell rows
Post Chain Accessory

5 x 10 Banded hip extensions
19 12, 2019

Friday 122019- HPT

Gymnastics Power

On 2mins x 10mins

3-5 Medball weighted ring muscle ups


5 Hip to rings
Gymnastics Skill

On 1min x 12mins

Min 1- 25ft Handstand walk with obstacle
Min 2- 20s Freestanding handstand attempt
CFO Class: Gymnastics Conditioning

On 1min x 12mins:

Min 1- 15/12 Cal Machine
Min 2- 1-2 Legless Rope Climb

We are introducing some Gymnastics Conditioning into the end of this program cycle before our deload next week. Our intentions are to gear up for our next cycle in the new year that will take what we have broken down in our current cycl and merge it into a balanced blended program for a short 4 week testing cycle.
CFO Class: MetCon

For time:
3 rounds of:
5 bar muscle-ups
5 snatches
3 rounds of:
15 deadlifts
15 Burpee over the bar
3 rounds of:
5 Ring muscle-ups
5 cleans

Men: 155 lb.
Women: 105 lb.

Firstly, our pull will be gone after the rope climb conditioning. Hopefully this will allow us to focus and rely on the mechanics of the beat swing and hip efficiency in our gymnastics within the MetCon. Today we have 3 back to back shorter couplets. The intention of small reps here is to work unbroken for the majority of the workout. Depending on the severity of the loading and how challenging that bar muscle up is, strategically, athletes should consider quick singles on the snatches and possibly the cleans as grip will be a major factor. It will be best for athletes to focus on one couplet at a time getting our work done safely, efficiently, boardering unbroken, and on to the next one. This workout is intended to be fast and unbroken.
Interval Conditioning

For max cal output:
90s Row
30s Rest
1min Bike
1min Rest
30s Ski
90s Rest
30s Bike
90s Rest
1min Row
1min Rest
90s Ski
30s Rest
90s Bike
30s Rest
1min Ski
1min Rest
30s Row
Shoulder Accessory

4 x 12 Straight arm BB front raise
18 12, 2019

Thursday 121919- HPT

Active Recovery Day:

Come in and do a long warm-up then join our Thursday stretching or Yoga. Go for a swim, bike, run, row, long hike. On YouTube search: Mobility WOD, ROM wod, have an epsom salts bath. Do something active to recover your body.