24 11, 2019

Monday 112519- HPT

Gymnastics skill, push

5 x 5 Kneeling tempo hspu
Gymnastics accessory

3 sets
15 Parallette piked hspu*
12 Tall kneeling band pull aparts

*Use DB’s as handles
CFO Class: Gymnastics Strength

On 1min x 12mins for load:

Min 1- 4 Tempo bench press (2:2:X:4)
Min 2- 2-3 rope climbs

Although this is technically for load, other than keeping track for our records, this scoring should be an afterthought. This is really for quality of movement, athletes should be mindful of the benefits of tempo lifting. The weight should be chosen based on holding the integrity of the tempo.
CFO Class: MetCon Long

5 rounds for time of:

10 Chest to bar Pull-ups
10 Power Snatch 95/65lbs
10/8 Cal Machine

A triplet with our focus on maintaining pace, keeping quick singles on the barbell should allow us to hold quicker paces on the gymnastics and machine elements. Pull-ups: Thinking about cycling our reps smoothly to be quick enough. If we think quick we will not be smooth and in turn will not be quick. Snatch: athletes should keep a focus of weight distrubution in the feet, we want to initiate the pull through our heels, explode to our toes, then quickly back to the heels to recieve the bar Machine: Feel free to mix these up and as a general strategy, push the pace enough to get the work done in a respectable time but not enough that we are too fatigued for the pull-ups
Midline Accessory, iso

4 sets
40s Tall kneeling sandbag hug
15s L-sit hold
22 11, 2019

Saturday 112319- HPT

CFO Class: MetCon

As many rounds as possible in 22mins of:

3 rounds of DT
30 cal Machine

“DT” @ 155/105 lbs
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang power cleans
6 Jerks

Conditioning DT A bit of run off following last Saturdays epicness, we just couldnt’ resist programming this beast going into next week where we will begin a gymnastics base strength and weightlifting technique cycle. Athletes should have a focused approach being ready for the long haul, breaking the barbell from the start in order to stay consistent and holding a pace on the machines that allows us to get back to the bar and do work, but a pace that allows that work to happen right away.

Front Squat

On 2mins x 12mins

3 Tempo Front squats (3:0:x:0)
100ft light, hard sled push
Aerobic Conditioning

10Km Bike

0-3Km @RPE 6
3-5Km @RPE 7
5-6Km @RPE 7.5
6-8Km @RPE 7
8-10Km @RPE 6
Upper body Accessory

3 sets

20 Band resisted push-ups
6 Wall walks
21 11, 2019

Friday 112219- HPT

Gymnastics Skill

10mins Skin the cat practice

If athletes are capable of 5+ reps on the rings it’s time to move to the pull-up bar.

CFO Class: Gymnastics Strength

On 3mins x 12mins:

10s L hang + 10 Alternating single leg strict Toe to bar + 10s L hang

A bit of a challenge and some dynamic unilateral gymnastics strength work. Athletes should look to keeping mechanics tight and sound, the L position is a difficult one, and extreme hollow body that requires a focus and large efforts in keeping the toes above our hip crease. The alternating single leg strict ttb will expose us at many levels including: uni strength, stability, flexibility.
CFO Class: Metcon

3 rounds for time of:

4 Rope climbs
100 Double unders
60 Air squats

Today’s triplet is mainly about moving, a tempo Metcon, the heart rate should never get too high. We should hit the climbing rope with a deliberate consistency, using the clock to guide our pace here. Picking up the skipping rope, we will want to relax the shoulders as much as possible with smooth reps. The air squats is where it will be tempting to pick up the pace, athletes should recognize that this is an option, but should only be executed as such if we can sustain the pace we set on the squats from the start. In a 3 rounder, we can afford to push the pace a little bit more but we need to manage it well.
Post Chain Accessory

3 x 50ft Silver back swings

5 x 500m Row

An old school, boring, painful one. But it’s effective.
Midline Accessory

4 x 20 DB hollow rocks
20 11, 2019

Thursday 112119- HPT

Active Recovery Day:

Come in and do a long warm-up then join our Thursday stretching or Yoga. Go for a swim, bike, run, row, long hike. On YouTube search: Mobility WOD, ROM wod, have an epsom salts bath. Do something active to recover your body.

19 11, 2019

Wednesday 112019- HPT

Clean & Jerk

6 sets:

2 segmented cleans + 2 Pause jerks*

*Pausing at the dip and the catch
CFO Class: Strength

5 x 5 Bench press

Introducing a classic 5×5 for our strength preparations and our future strength cycle. Remember, “this aint about no whiteboard score.” Using proper mechanics with a focus on strength development will be better in the long run. We want to pull the bar down to our chests, staying on tension and pausing there for a split second rather than bouncing the bar. This method will definitely decrease the weight on the bar.
CFO Class: MetCon

As many rounds as possible in 10mins of:

3 Devils press 50/35lbs
25ft Dumbbell walking lunge 50/35lbs

Now we are getting into some higher intensity, with a high octane 10min amrap and the infamous devils press. We will go over the devils press and have some practice time before our wod prep today. Using the same DB’s for each movement in today’s couplet, we can expect things to get spicy very quickly. A general approach today would be planned transition rests to enure everything remains unbroken, we want to see athletes being as consistent as possible with the length of time of our rests in transition. Clock management will be key here.
Shoulder Protocol 2

3 sets

8/8 DB Ext Rotation
12 Prone Snow Angles 5/2.5lbs
12 Banded Straight Arm PullDowns
20s Handstand Hold

2 rounds of:
1,000m Row
2,000m Bike
Rest 3mins
Midback Accessory

6 x 6/6 Trap 3 raises
18 11, 2019

Tuesday 111919- HPT

Gymnastics Conditioning

On 1min x 21mins

Min 1- 15/12 cal row
Min 2- 50% bar muscle ups
Min 3- 40% ring dips
Gymnastics Technique

a) Freestanding handstand hold
Practice 5mins

b) 5 x 12 Piked parallette box hspu
CFO Class: MetCon

As many rounds as possible in 25mins of:

20 Chest to bar pull-ups
20 Box jump overs 24/20″
20 Thrusters 95/65lbs
20 Burpees

If we glance to the movements we would expect high intensity today, but this would be an error in judgement. We should first look to the time domain; being 25mins, we should expect a long slow burn. A break up strategy from the begining will be important to maintaining our efforts.
Power Conditioning

On 2mins x 10mins of:

10/7 cal row + 3 HAP wallballs
Midline Accessory

5 sets
10 strict toes to bar
40 Plate Russian twists 45/25lbs
17 11, 2019

Monday 111819-HPT


On 1min x 20mins

1 power + 1 squat

min 1-5: 70%
min 6-10: 80%
min 11-15: 83%
min 16-20: 85%+
CFO Class: Snatch

5 x 2 Overhead squat

Athletes should learn from tempo back squats for the overhead squat, we want to control as much as possible on the way down. Our body feeling like it’s split in half, with the upper body pressing as hard as possible up into the barbell, allowing the weight to depress our shoulders while they actively remain engaged through the scapula. As our upper body maintains this crucial static structure, our lower body is actively pulling the entire upper body down into the hole. If our mechanics here are sound during this eccentric phase, we should be able to drive the floor away hard with the legs to stand to lockout.
CFO Class: MetCon

4 rounds for time of:

100ft Double overhead carry 50/35lbs
1min rest
8 Deadlifts 70%
1min rest

Accumulating volume this week and preparing the body for a future strength cycle. Athletes should maintain the DB’s similarly to the overhead squat, ensuring to achieve lockout in order to move down their lane. Uppon arival at the barbell, coming off of our rest, we should attempt our deadlifts touch n go. As this workout goes on this loading will seem heavier but with proper set up and breath, athletes should be able to maintain touch n go efforts.
Shoulder Accessory

3 x 20 rapid band pull aparts
Aerobic Conditioning, bike

25 cal @ RPE 6
20 cal @ RPE 7
15 cal @ RPE 8
10 Cal @ RPE 9/10
15 cal @ RPE 8
20 cal @ RPE 7
25 cal @ RPE 6
Power/Post Chain Accessory

6 sets
50ft light sled sprint
50ft Silver back swings
15 11, 2019

Saturday 111619- HPT

24 Hours of Heroes
Join us today for the 24 hours of Heroes! Our 9:30am is cancelled but we are running a workout every hour on the hour today starting at 11am!

“OP Jaley”

Cpl. Vernelli, Cpl Crooks, Tpr. Bouthillier, and Tpr. Hayes

For time:
400m Run
40 Deadlifts 155/105 lbs
40 Box jumps 24/20″
40 Wallballs 20/14 lbs
400m Run

14 11, 2019

Friday 111519- HPT

CFO Class: Clean & Jerk

4 sets @ 40-50%

3 Halting clean deadlifts + 3 Hang power cleans + 1 Thruster + 1 Jerk

A fun complex where athlete will have to have positions and movement mechanics dialed in, our focus is on moving with equal parts power and grace. Areas of focus: Halting clean deadlifts- Keeping the chest over the bar and weight back in the heels, pushing with the legs to inititate the movement. Hang power cleans- pushing with the legs agressively through the floor, at this point we should feel the weight transfer from heel, midfoot, then the toes on our way to triple extension. We don’t want to “loose the bar” here, we want to ensure that once we’ve hit this extension, that we are actively pulling under the bar to receive in a strong quarter squat position. Keeping an active pull on the bar in transition between the second and third pull will help with our speed under the bar and making our transition a smooth one. Thruster- Stay connected and push through the floor Jerk- speed through the middle and punch under, just like the clean only a push.
CFO Class: MetCon

As many rounds as possible in 8mins of:

15 V-ups
10 Box jump overs 24/20″

A little burner for athletes to see how long we can hold our intensity for. V-ups will get difficult, but we want to maintain a hollow position throughout our reps as this is the driving force of the movement. Box jumps we can look to have a little bit more of a sustainable effort approach, finding a rhythm that allows us to work consistently.

42-30-18 cals for time of:


Rest 1min between each round.
Post Chain Accessory, iso/dynamic

3 sets
30s Unweighted Hip ext hold + 10 Weighted hip ext
12 Reverse Hypers
13 11, 2019

Thursday 111419- HPT

Active Recovery Day:

Come in and do a long warm-up then join our Thursday stretching or Yoga. Go for a swim, bike, run, row, long hike. On YouTube search: Mobility WOD, ROM wod, have an epsom salts bath. Do something active to recover your body.