CrossFit Head Coach – Co-owner

Kevin developed a passion for athletics at the age of 8 years old when he started playing ‘AAA’ Hockey and doing Triathlons. This passion grew over the years and he eventually started competing in Triathlons at Jr. Nationals, holding a few top 20 finishes in the nation. CrossFit has allowed Kev to continue this passion and pass it onto others through coaching. He holds the following CrossFit certifications: CF-L3, gymnastics, movement and mobility, and Olympic weightlifting. Kev is very goal driven and loves helping others who are goal driven as well; he has competed in many CrossFit competitions coming 12th at Eastern Canada Regionals. Kev is a Co-owner at CrossFit Oshawa and loves developing CFO into the community it is today. “The atmosphere in the gym is amongst the most important things about it. With a motivating, fun, and supportive atmosphere, it will prove effective in acting as a grounds for flourishing athletes and allowing people to achieve their goals in healthy, active living.”


CrossFit Coach – Co-owner

Cameron, a co-owner at CrossFit Oshawa, has been doing CrossFit since July 2007. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Psychology as well as the Pre-service fire fighting program, he started personal training at Extreme Fitness. Cam holds the following CrossFit certifications: Level 2, Gymnastics, Nutrition, Olympic weightlifting, and Mobility. When he is not working at the gym he spends his free time coaching minor hockey in Whitby as well as playing a variety of sports. Cam is looking forward to building a community that believes in living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


CrossFit Coach & CF Kids Program Coordinator

Tanya is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Instructor, CrossFit Nutrition Certified, and CrossFit Certified in Olympic weightlifting. She is currently a teacher in the KPR District School Board. She graduated from Laurentian University in the Bachelor of Arts (English Literature, Instrumental Music) and Bachelor of Education (Primary, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior) with honours. Tanya first dabbled with CrossFit in 2009 and became serious in September 2010. She says “CrossFit is a sport that is fun, challenging, addicting, and always an accomplishment.” Tanya thoroughly enjoys her teaching profession and eagerly welcomes opportunities to instruct CrossFit. Her passion is working with children; Tanya loves coaching children due to their high energy and attitude to try anything.


CrossFit Coach

Chet first found a second home in the gym at an early age to improve his performance in sports such as hockey and baseball. When his competitive sports days were over, he continued at the gym focusing more on bodybuilding. He received a Fitness and Health Diploma from Durham College and began a career as a Personal Trainer. After a few years of working at common fitness facilities, he was approached by a box owner to become a CrossFit Trainer. Having never done a WOD in his life, Chet accepted the position and went to complete his Level 1 Certification. Assuming he was already in great shape, having trained his whole life, how hard could it be right? The first workout performed was FRAN and it wasn’t long before Chet found himself the last one with the rest of the class cheering him on to make it under the 10 minute cap, which he did not. As strange as it might sound, it was at this moment, that he fell in love with CrossFit. The competitiveness, the atmosphere and the challenge to improve every day has change his outlook on fitness. Now, Chet has been training in CrossFit for 3 years and is a Certified Level 1 Trainer, with, a 2:37 Fran time.


Working Against Gravity Nutrition Coach

Anna has been a member of Crossfit Oshawa since September 2010. Anna soon realized the importance of nutrition for optimal health and well-being​ for herself and her growing family. In 2015 Anna started her Holistic Nutrition studies through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and graduated 1 year later as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist.  In 2017 Anna decided to take accountability of her own nutrition and eat to optimize training by seeking out the guidance of WAG. After seeing great success with WAG,  Anna wanted to find a way to share this knowledge and success with the CrossFit Oshawa community.

Anna has over 10 years of experience working in the health and wellness field​most recently working in corporate health and wellness promoting all aspect of health and wellness to employees and managing 4 corporate fitness centres across Eastern Canada. Anna has also completed an intensive WAG Coach Certification Program in order to become a WAG Certified Coach.

Anna has a passion for CrossFit, playing soccer and all things nutrition! Anna loves spending time outdoors; hiking, fishing, paddle boarding or hanging out at the beach at the cottage with her husband and 2 young boys


We are currently seeking to improve and add to our community. If you are interested in a bigger role here at CrossFit Oshawa, we can start to begin our hiring process. We have a great community and a lot of different styles of programs to offer.

Initial Requirements:

  • CF-L1 certification (some positions may not REQUIRE this, but it is always beneficial)
  • Have been a member of CFO for at least 6months (we only hire internally)
  • Some type of experience working with others in a leadership role
  • Foundations (Trainer)
  • Private Training (Trainer)
  • CrossFit Classes (Coach)
  • CrossFit Juniors (Specialty)
  • Open Gym Classes (Coach)
  • Pure Power Hockey (Specialty)

If you are interested in getting involved in ANY of the above programs or just interested in becoming a part of something bigger than yourself, send us an email < > with the subject: “Trainer/Coach”

Highlight your areas of expertise that you think pertain to ANY of the above programs.

looking forward to working with you,