On Saturday, we hosted our first seminar on The Open. We started with a ‘Minds On’ activity; participants were asked to write their answer on the whiteboard to the following question: “In ONE word, describe what The Open is or what The Open means to you.” This initiated conversation that became the framework for the seminar content.

We identified a circular visual that guided our discussions; it started with the WHAT, moved to the HOW, and focused on the WHY, moreover, the PURPOSE.

WHAT is The Open?
 5 workouts over 5 weeks
 Starts with 18.1; workouts are identified by the year and the order in which they appear
 Workouts are released every Thursday evening at 8pm
 Live announcement is streamed in varied locations by CFHQ with Special Guest Athletes who complete the workout
 Scores are submitted by 8pm on Monday night
 Process of competition: Open – Regionals – Games

Some of you may wonder WHY should I sign up for The Open? We had enriched conversations that increased the understanding of what participating in The Open might suggest. We concluded that it creates the opportunity to bring people together to create a special community. The energy and excitement that fills the gym during “Friday Night Lights” is incredible. We have the opportunity to see our friends and fellow gym go-ers challenge themselves and achieve the unimaginable. How many times have you seen someone get their first pull up, chest-to-bar, handstand push up, muscle up, or PR?

There are really no words to describe the impact of gathering together to accomplish the impossible. Whether your purpose is to set an example as a parent, to have fun, to increase fitness, get social time, set and achieve goals, measure growth, finish in honour of someone, there is a place for everyone and all to join in!

HOW does The Open work at CrossFit Oshawa? We are hosting The Open as “Friday Night Lights.” This event will happen every Friday night, starting at 5:30pm. If you cannot attend on Friday night or would like to do the workout again, we will offer Open Gym on Sunday and Open Gym on Monday as an alternate.

We discussed the intent of The Open and had an insightful discussion about the mindset of the ‘One & Done’ approach. “Friday Night Lights” will ensure that all are welcome and will have the chance to partake in The Open. On Friday night, we will explain everything that you will need to know about the procedures week-by-week.
We concluded this section of the seminar by sharing the exciting news that we have branched our “Wine WOD” initiative into CrossFit Oshawa centered prizes, chosen each week and another at the end of the five weeks!
We wrapped up our whiteboard talk with a broadened understanding of perspectives as a Judge and as an Athlete:

 Accurately record reps, loads, and times using a score sheet
 Support the correct workout order, loading, and rep count
 Enforce movement standards
 Reminders: avoid coaching friends; avoid coaching/assessing/critiquing movement
 No rep
 Congratulate the athlete at the end of the workout


 Build adversity: no rep, someone in your way, equipment malfunction, etc.
 Know yourself and make a plan
 Pacing: use pacing to calm your nerves
 Mindset: Growth versus Fixed

The seminar concluded with a workout in the style of The Open. We briefed the Judges and Athletes on the movements and then we hit the workout as it would appear on “Friday Night Lights.”

AMRAP 12 minutes of:

50 Box Jumps Overs (24’/20’)
40 Thrusters (95#/65#)
30 Dumbbell Snatch (50#/35#)
20 Handstand Push Ups
10 Muscle Ups

50 Box Jumps Overs (20’/12’)
40 Thrusters (65#/45#)
30 Dumbbell Snatch (35#/20#)
20 Push Press (65#/45#)
10 Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups

 Training vs. Testing (competition); safety first
 If you are limited on a movement, your score is where you finish, but still get a workout
 Try to PR on a movement (i.e.: Chest-to-Bar Pull Up)