5 x 5 TnG Power Cleans + 1 Jerk

3 x EMOM 6mins, rest 3 minute between each of the 3 sets

Min 1- 2 Snatch Pull @100% of 1RM Snatch
Min 2- 50′ Broad Jumps
Min 3- 2 Power Snatch @80%+
Weightlifting Accessory
CFO Class: MetCon

50-40-30-20-10 reps for time of:

Burpee over the bar
Deadlifts 185/135 lbs

A high volume couplet that should start our at a very moderate intensity for us, slowly building in intensity as the reps decrease. On the deadlifts we want to think about hips sliding back and forth like they are on a track, with a stable midline and using the legs to drive the hips back and forth, the bar should move with efficiency. On the burpees, we should be thinking about breathing and maintaining a pace feeling that build as the workout goes on. In the 50s, athletes should be paying attention to how they are feeling trying to maintain a certain speed, seeing that speed increase through the 40s, then again in the 30s, then starting to really ramp it up in the 20s, and finally an all out sprint home in the 10’s.
Midline Accessory

5 x 20s L sit hold