Clean & Jerk

5 x 2 Power clean & Jerk @ 90%
CFO Class: Strength

Today we are faced with three seperate maxes, completing a true powerlifting total. This will test our ability in raw strength and power. All three lifts are about athletes generating as much force prouction as possible.

1RM Back squat

Backsquat: Athletes should think about controlling the way down as much as possible, we don’t want to go too slow and turn it into a tempo, however we need to be careful not to go too fast creating negative velocity when we attempt to switch directions in the bottom. Upon hitting the bottom, we should already be thinking of driving up spreading the floor apart with our feet as hard as possible.

1RM Bench press

Bench press: Our force comes directly from the floor and the bench, ensure we are engaging opposing forces towards the barbell through our feet and upper back- remember your five points of contact.

1RM Deadlift

Deadlift: *If that bar doesn’t move with a flat back, it doesn’t move. period. Knowing this, we want athletes to engage through the midline and take in a large amount of air before we even bend over to grasp the bar. After we are organized through the lungs and midline, we should immediately place hands on the bar, set our backs, dig in the heels and push the floor away as hard as possible thinking about prying the bar off the floor using the legs. Our core being the crowbar.

For max meters:

40min Row
Post chain stability

5 x 10/10 RNT single leg deadlift