1 & 1/4 Front squat

5 x 2 reps

Staying on tension is key with these, they mimic catching the clean and we want to train our bodies to catch on tension. The stretch reflex happens in the legs and not at all in the midline. Our midline should remain tight and secure throughout the entire lift.
Gymnastics cycling

5 sets

8-10 Toes to rings
3-6 Muscle ups
CFO Class: MetCon

15-12-9 reps for time of:

Squat Clean 185/135 lbs
Burpee box jump overs 30/24″

In a high power, heavier wod, strategy is not the most important thing today as pace will be dictated by ability. The important thing today is that athletes chose proper loading and scaling measures to deliver the intended stimulus of this workout. The goal is to find a weight on the squat clean that is challenging, the percentage depends on the athlete.
Shoulder Accessory

4 sets
20 Alternating DB press
10 Barbell front raises