CFO Class: Weightlifting, cycling

EMOM x 4min

5 Power clean & Jerk (tng) 65-70%

EMOM x 3min

3 Power clean & Jerk (tng) 70-75%

Some barbell cycling today, looking for those rhythmic, smooth and fast reps. Controlling the bar at the hip on the descend will be crucial to linking smooth reps together today. Athletes should be prepared to move and rest quick, this workout will require a solid foundation of mechanics.
CFO CLass: MetCon

3 rounds for time of:
100ft plate push 70/45lbs
10 Front squats 185/130lbs
400m Run

We are starting to build more and more intensity into our program. At first glance of this workout, the plate push jumps out at us, athletes will simply push plates across the floor back and forth on the 25ft track, thinking of this essentially as a very low sled push. taking some time on the turn around will definitely help us to save a little bit of our legs for that moderately heavy deadlift. When we get onto the run, athletes should push the pace to get back and make quick work out of the movements in the gym.
Grunt work

5 sets
60ft Yoke Carry
100ft sandbag carry
200ft farmers carry
Gymnastics accessory

4 sets
40s nose to wall hold
20 Hollow banded lat pull downs
25ft compression drill