CFO Class: Clean & Jerk

4 sets @ 40-50%

3 Halting clean deadlifts + 3 Hang power cleans + 1 Thruster + 1 Jerk

A fun complex where athlete will have to have positions and movement mechanics dialed in, our focus is on moving with equal parts power and grace. Areas of focus: Halting clean deadlifts- Keeping the chest over the bar and weight back in the heels, pushing with the legs to inititate the movement. Hang power cleans- pushing with the legs agressively through the floor, at this point we should feel the weight transfer from heel, midfoot, then the toes on our way to triple extension. We don’t want to “loose the bar” here, we want to ensure that once we’ve hit this extension, that we are actively pulling under the bar to receive in a strong quarter squat position. Keeping an active pull on the bar in transition between the second and third pull will help with our speed under the bar and making our transition a smooth one. Thruster- Stay connected and push through the floor Jerk- speed through the middle and punch under, just like the clean only a push.
CFO Class: MetCon

As many rounds as possible in 8mins of:

15 V-ups
10 Box jump overs 24/20″

A little burner for athletes to see how long we can hold our intensity for. V-ups will get difficult, but we want to maintain a hollow position throughout our reps as this is the driving force of the movement. Box jumps we can look to have a little bit more of a sustainable effort approach, finding a rhythm that allows us to work consistently.

42-30-18 cals for time of:


Rest 1min between each round.
Post Chain Accessory, iso/dynamic

3 sets
30s Unweighted Hip ext hold + 10 Weighted hip ext
12 Reverse Hypers