Gymnastics Skill

10mins Skin the cat practice

If athletes are capable of 5+ reps on the rings it’s time to move to the pull-up bar.

CFO Class: Gymnastics Strength

On 3mins x 12mins:

10s L hang + 10 Alternating single leg strict Toe to bar + 10s L hang

A bit of a challenge and some dynamic unilateral gymnastics strength work. Athletes should look to keeping mechanics tight and sound, the L position is a difficult one, and extreme hollow body that requires a focus and large efforts in keeping the toes above our hip crease. The alternating single leg strict ttb will expose us at many levels including: uni strength, stability, flexibility.
CFO Class: Metcon

3 rounds for time of:

4 Rope climbs
100 Double unders
60 Air squats

Today’s triplet is mainly about moving, a tempo Metcon, the heart rate should never get too high. We should hit the climbing rope with a deliberate consistency, using the clock to guide our pace here. Picking up the skipping rope, we will want to relax the shoulders as much as possible with smooth reps. The air squats is where it will be tempting to pick up the pace, athletes should recognize that this is an option, but should only be executed as such if we can sustain the pace we set on the squats from the start. In a 3 rounder, we can afford to push the pace a little bit more but we need to manage it well.
Post Chain Accessory

3 x 50ft Silver back swings

5 x 500m Row

An old school, boring, painful one. But it’s effective.
Midline Accessory

4 x 20 DB hollow rocks