Gymnastics, skill

3 x max rep tempo ring muscle up


Start at the top of the muscle up, taking 5 seconds to get to the bottom (slow as possible in transition), perform 3 beat swings in the bottom, hitting a muscle up hard and fast, hold the top for 1 second and repeat for max reps
Gymnastics Accessory

4 sets:
12 Pike pulls on rower
6 strict pause toes to bar*

*Pause at the bar for 2 seconds
CFO Class: Gymnastics Power

6 sets for load:
3 weighted strict pull-ups
3 weighted strict ring dips
Rest 60s

Because the reps are so low, we should not feel any metabolic fatigue at all. Athletes should be almost failing the third rep to get the benefits of building our power.
CFO Class: MetCon Power

10 rounds for time of:

3 Power Snatches 80%
50 Double unders

Now we are taking the principles of building power to the MetCon, can we sustain quick singles each and every round? It will take smooth double unders and good pacing to do this.
Aerobic Conditioning

2mins on each machine for 5 rounds:

Shoulder Accessory

3 sets
20 tall kneeling banded angels
20 weighted arm circles