15-12-9-6-3 reps

Sumo Deadlift
Bent over row

Rest 2mins between sets building up to the heaviest possible
CFO Class: Back squat

Back squat 
cluster set

E2MOM x 8 @85%
5 squats + 3 squats

E2MOM x 8 = Every 2mins on the 2mins for 16mins In a cluster set athletes will perform the initial required reps set the bar down in the rack for 10seconds and then hit the next required reps. In our case it will be 5 back squats 10 second rest followed by 3 back squats for 8 total reps over 8 sets.
CFO Class: MetCon

4 rounds for time of:

100 Double unders
15 Dumbbell Thrusters 2 x 50/35lbs
15 Toes to bar

A classic triplet balanced through conditioning, DB, and high rep gymnastics components. We know in these workouts we need to manage our work:rest appropriately, attempting to keep the first round very similar to the last round. A major area of focus will be to save the shoulders as much as possible, we can do this by relaxing the wrists on the skippping rope and driving with as much leg as possible on the thruster, looking for speed through the middle. This should allow us to sustain a higher level of intensity over the four rounds without as much fatigue.
Shoulder Accessory

3 sets
20 tall kneeling banded angels
20 weighted arm circles


3 x 1,500m Row
1min rest

set 1- RPE 7
set 2- RPE 8
set 3- RPE 9/10
Post Chain Accessory

Accumulate 400ft of silver back swings