Shoulder Activation

a) CrossOver Symmetry Activation Protocol- Video

b) 2 sets of:
30s Nose to wall hold
30s Rest


On 3mins x 21mins of:

3 Push press
1 Jerk

*Use the jerk blocks if possible

CFO class

Gymnastic MetCon

As many rounds as possible in 12mins of:

6 Ring muscle ups
6 Deadlifts 315/225 lbs

We have a heavy load and “heavy” gymnastics bias in today’s challenging workout. Athletes should feel challenged by the movements today, not neccessarily metabolically, unless the rx’d version is metabolically taxing because they can move well.
Although deadlifts should be touch and go efforts and the rings should be faught unbroken, we want to govern how quickly we complete total rounds on this workout through managing our rest intervals. Consistency is key today.

Rowing Intervals

For fastest given interval:

10 x 200m row

The idea is to go fast as possible each and every effort, pacing is out the window, resting as needed between efforts.