CFO Class


Teams of 2

100-80-60-40-20 reps for time of:

Wallballs 30/20 lbs
Lateral Box jump overs 30/24″

Athletes should be ready to go hard on this one, back and forth trading reps with their partner. Even though there is built in 1:1 work/rest, we should be careful to switch out on the box jump overs sooner than later.

Post Wod

As many seconds as possible in 5mins of:

Plank hold

Strength Conditioning

On 4mins x 24mins of:

1min bear hug hold
20cal bike

Choose your weight on the holds using sandbags or plates, which should fatigue you a little bit for the bike. Make sure the first and last round are similar in intensity and time, this should be challenging to balance the intensity and consistency.