Crossfit Oshawa – CrossFit


On 2mins x 10mins:

2 Snatch Balance

The best cue for a snatch balance is purpose. The snatch balance is an effective tool as long as athletes have a clear purpose. That purpose will be rooted in the snatch in one of a few ways. Examples being: are we not able to receive the snatch in a full squat position? then we are working on depth in the snatch balance and loading doesn’t matter. Do we have confidence issues with getting under the bar? In this case we are trying to get to a solid 120% of our snatch which should give us the needed confidence the next time we get the chance to snatch. Do we just have an issue in our receiving position, where we lose the bar forward or behind us? In this situation we want to drill this at 100% finding and getting comfortable and consistent with the “sweet spot.”

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

As many rounds as possible in 25mins of:

12 Bar facing burpees

9 Hang clusters 135/95lbs

6 Bar muscle ups
Normally, we can look at a triplet of this nature and assume where we can add intensity. Today the intensity will be spread out over 25mins, this drastically changes our approach. Rather than separating our three movements, we want to look at the entire workout, using what we learned last week about pacing we can look to round times, athletes should be dialing these into consistent round times across the 25mins. Trying to stay on track with round times over the whole workout does two things: It allows us to keep moving so that we are not going too hard out of the gate and crashing. It also allows us to have a focus during the workout, keeping athletes engaged, a simple concept but a challenge on longer workouts.