Crossfit Oshawa – CrossFit

10 year anniversary party at CFO- June 1st

Afternoon Team wod & BBQ
Evening semi formal gala catering provided by Snuffy’s Grill
Fundraising for Wounded Warriors

To register simply say your attending on the CFO facebook event here:

Weightlifting Waves

Clean & Jerk

On 3mins x 15mins:

Set 1: 2 @ 80%

Set 2: 2 @ 82.5%

Set 3: 2 @ 85%

Set 4: 2 @ 82.5%

Set 5: 2 @ 87%

We can think about the cue “Tall” in both the clean and the jerk. Athletes commonly make the fault of pulling or pushing under the bar too early in the clean and jerk, this is a problem with extension. Athletes should be in the habit of starting each lift tall through the chest and finishing our extension, ending up taller than our standing height.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

4 rounds, for total reps of:

40s of: Bike cals

20s: Rest

40s of: Bar muscle ups

20s: Rest

40s of: Row cals

20s: Rest

40s of: Handstand walk

20s: Rest
Today will look similar to last week, but with less rest and no barbell we should excerpt lower levels of intensity per round. there is still some major movements in the bar muscle up and the hs walk, going back and forth between monostructural movements and gymnastics, today can be considered a glorified gymnastics conditioning MetCon. Today’s best practice will have athletes pushing the pace on the gymnastics movements, going for larger sets, as we can get back to the machines and no matter how fatigued we are, we can still bank reps. We cannot expect to do this the other way around, this workout will favour those who approach the machines conservatively and save their efforts for the gymnastics.