Lower body Dynamic Effort

8 sets

2 Jumping Back squats @ 35%
25ft Broad Jumps
3 max seated box jumps


3 Power Snatch @ 60%
CFO Class: BTN Jerk

Behind the neck pause Jerk
5 x 2 @ascending, 70%+

*2 seconds pause at the bottom of the dip

We are going from behind the neck to give our rack positions a break and to enforce a straighter bar path. Going from behind the neck also allows us to focus on rotating the torso back from the hip for a straighter line there as well. As soon as we have these straight positions we can focus on a big drive from the pause hard with the legs through the floor, extending the hip strong though the torso into the bar. As soon as the bar comes off the shoulder, the focus is immediately turned to the opposite direction with an agressive punch of the arms through the barbell in order to, not propell the bar up further, but to drive the body down under the bar to lockout.
CFO Class: MetCon

Tabata Chipper

40/32 Cal Row
40 Chest to bar pull-ups
20 Squat Snatch 135/95lbs
20 Ring muscle ups

Today’s workout athletes will chip away working in a tabata format, moving onto the next movement once we have completed the initial movement. The tabata format is 20s of work followed by 10s of rest. We should look to sustain our pace, the row is quite tempting to let it all out there, but we need to remember that we will need our composure later on for a complex barbell movement. The two gymnastics movements are similar in pattern, the way we rep them out will likely be different. The C2B, we should be basically going for broke, where as the RMU, we should be very composed and systematic in our rep management.


a) EMOM x 6 rounds

Min 1-
20s Cal Bike
Min 2-
20s Cal Ski

4min rest

b) For time:
total cal Bike
2min rest
total cal ski
Shoulder health

Instable Barbell OH Carry
5 x 50′
Rest as needed between sets

*Use band suspended kbs or plates