Gymnastics/Odd Object Conditioning

EMOM x 5 rounds

Min 1-
100ft Heavy Sandbag carry
Min 2-
20 Alternating Pistols

It’s Max effort MetCon Day, we are going to be running through three staple tests for our max effort training today. We have balanced training across Gymnastics, weightlifitng, and monostructural components. Remember that this is max effort training and not a test. We want to attempt to go as unbroken as possible and as hard as possible right out of the gate to see how long we can hang on for. Even if we have to rest and sacrifice our overall score to do so.
CFO Class: Gymnastics

For time:
30 Ring muscle ups

4min rest

In a max effort setting, we should be attempting to conserve energy during our reps as much as possible in gymnastics. Having a strong focus on smoothly gliding through our kip in the back swing, rather than rushing our reps will help us to sustain more reps unbroken.
CFO Class: MetCon


30 Clean and Jerks 135/95lbs

4min Rest

Use what we have learned from barbell cycling, connect the top of the lift to the bottom of the lift as efficiently as possible. Sometimes it helps to think about attempting to mimic accepting a kb swing when the bar meets our thigh. Weight rocks back to the heel chest is tall over the bar and we are set up to touch n go for our next rep. Keeping this portion of the lift efficient will help us ultimately use more legs and sustain more unbroken reps.
CFO Class: Conditioning

500m Row

Go hard, don’t die, have fun. We should be aware of positioning, rather than attempting to rip the handle off the chain a better focus is posterior chain engagement and a smooth recovery stroke.

6 sets from low hang
2 power snatch + 1 Squat snatch
Mid Back Accessory

4 sets
10 trap 3 raises
10 Kelso shrugs