Clean from blocks
6 sets of:
2 x 1 power clean + 2 Squat cleans + 1 Jerk

set 1-2 @ 78%
set 3-4 @ 82%
set 5-6 @ 80%
CFO Class: Front Squat

Max rep @ 85%
4mins rest
Max rep @ 70%
4mins rest
Max rep @ 55%

Entering a week of volume, we will be hitting this descending Front squat gauntlet to get the legs feeling nice and spicey to start off the week. Testing is over, now we train. The 85% set of squats should feel fairly heavy, athletes will have an easier time reaching a true failure point here. The 70% load will feel a lot better for the first initial reps, then we should feel a wall come shortly after. Now, the 55% this is a tricky little thing, it’s going to feel very light on our shoulders, our legs should be feeling very heavy at this point and athletes will have to fight for reps. There is a clear point when we fail today, and it’s not when the bar cannot travel any longer. Our failure point is when we fail to maintain neutral spine positioning.
CFO Class: MetCon

AMRAP 15mins:

50ft Handstand walk
12/9 cal machine
150ft Farmers Carry 70/50lbs
15/12 cal machine

We will work back and forth between the gymnastics and monostructural movements to accumulate volume. We should fight for high levels of intesnity on the handstand walks and farmers carry while maintaining on the machines, going slightly faster on the shorter distance than the lengthier distance.
Weightlifitng Accessory

5 sets
10/side Tall kneeling DB Press
8/side BB bulgarian split squats

EMOM x 30
10/8 cal sprint