CFO Class: MetCon

“Foundations 1”

500m Row
40 Front squats 135/96 lbs
30 GHD sit-ups
20 Handstand push-ups
10 Bar muscle ups

Foundatons 1 is the first workout we give in the foundations program and it’s what we are kicking off our testing week with. This is a scaled up version of it, of course. The challenge is to see how much we can push the pace throughout and see if we can hang on for unbroken reps. We want to make sure the row is fast enough to make good time, but not so fast that we can’t pick up the bar for the squats right away. After this we want to make sure we are picking up the pace each movement as the required repetitions go down.

1 x Max Strict pull-ups
1 x Max Strict ring dips

4 sets
20 banded straight arm pull-downs
20 alternating high box step ups