Crossfit Oshawa – CrossFit

Front Squat (6×3 @ 80% Rest 2 minutes between sets)

Our cueing on today’s front squats should be mainly centered around the torso, athletes will often sacrifice the structure of their torso in order to move the load. This is where the cue of elbows up comes from. The body is smart and efficient, but this can naturally lead to avoidance of proper movement, we want a tall and straight torso angle under the bar- think about the core being a tight rigid iron rod rather than a wet noodle. If we can hold onto the integrity of our trunk as we move through the squat we can reach our ultimate goal which is not to simply move through a squat with a heavy load, but rather to use the squat to become stronger lifters. If our positioning fails us we are no longer reaching the goal of getting stronger.

For beginners we can look to have them focus on more extremity cueing, like relaxing the grip, elbows up, hips back or knees out. A cue that works for a lot of beginner to intermediate athletes is spread the floor apart with the feet.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Amrap 13

21 Pull-ups

15 Deadlift @ 225/155 lbs

3 Shuttle run (25′ out and back)
For this MetCon we totally shift gears towards Pulling and running, a pretty spicy workout that should be extremely metabolic. There will be some obvious grip limitation, but athletes should be able to shake that out during the run or over unders, so it should become a non factor. After the 21 pull-ups taxing our grip, athletes will want to assume smooth fast reps on the barbell. A triplet with this rep scheme will have us moving quickly, but an overall approach can be to never stop moving. Advanced athletes will want to be moving unbroken governing their intensities on the over unders (If you cannot perform shuttles). Beginner-intermediate will need to realize their limitation, be it the pull-ups or the deadlifts and ensure to pick a pace that allows them the chance to keep moving. Rather than thinking about rep management, a typical breakup strategy, athletes can think about rest management. We need to be managing our rest time in order to be consistent overall, rather than attempting to stick to a repetition break up strategy, ultimately causing more rest time in the long run and inconsistent round times.