CFO Class: Gymnastics Conditioning

EMOM x 4
Min 1-
10 Toes to bar + 10 Chest to bar pull-ups
Min 2-
15/12 Cal Bike

Here we have a gymnastics pulling workout. With 10 toes to bar right into 10 c2b, athletes will want to think about two different kipping styles. We want to think about being long and tight in the toes to bar, as there is an endurance and stamina aspect to this, where on the C2B we want to be smooth and fast. The toes to bar arms will be long and actively pushing the bar away like we are trying to move the bar to the toes, the chest to bar we want to pull our chest into the bar quickly like we are hitting a button that sits on our chest over and over. On the rower, we should be utilizing the minute to our advantage not trying to sprint through the cals.
CFO Class: MetCon

As many rounds as possible in 20mins of:

20 Kettlebell swings 70/50lbs
20 Wallballs 20/14lbs
10 Burpee box jump overs 24/20″

A nice long chipper with our posterior chain and grip being a factor in the heavier kb swings, we will switch off to a more quad and front delt dominant movement. These movements will blend well, but athletes should be fairly fatigued going into the burpee box jump overs. It is here where we will want to see athletes pace the workout. Over such a long period of time we can play the interval game with it, KB swings and Wall Ball we will go hard, and we will slow it right down to a sustainable RPE for the BBJ overs.

3 x 8mins on Machine of your choice
2min rest
Glute Accessory

Accumulate 3mins Banded glute March hugging sandbag