On 1min x 20mins

1 power + 1 squat

min 1-5: 70%
min 6-10: 80%
min 11-15: 83%
min 16-20: 85%+
CFO Class: Snatch

5 x 2 Overhead squat

Athletes should learn from tempo back squats for the overhead squat, we want to control as much as possible on the way down. Our body feeling like it’s split in half, with the upper body pressing as hard as possible up into the barbell, allowing the weight to depress our shoulders while they actively remain engaged through the scapula. As our upper body maintains this crucial static structure, our lower body is actively pulling the entire upper body down into the hole. If our mechanics here are sound during this eccentric phase, we should be able to drive the floor away hard with the legs to stand to lockout.
CFO Class: MetCon

4 rounds for time of:

100ft Double overhead carry 50/35lbs
1min rest
8 Deadlifts 70%
1min rest

Accumulating volume this week and preparing the body for a future strength cycle. Athletes should maintain the DB’s similarly to the overhead squat, ensuring to achieve lockout in order to move down their lane. Uppon arival at the barbell, coming off of our rest, we should attempt our deadlifts touch n go. As this workout goes on this loading will seem heavier but with proper set up and breath, athletes should be able to maintain touch n go efforts.
Shoulder Accessory

3 x 20 rapid band pull aparts
Aerobic Conditioning, bike

25 cal @ RPE 6
20 cal @ RPE 7
15 cal @ RPE 8
10 Cal @ RPE 9/10
15 cal @ RPE 8
20 cal @ RPE 7
25 cal @ RPE 6
Power/Post Chain Accessory

6 sets
50ft light sled sprint
50ft Silver back swings