Gymnastics skill, push

5 x 5 Kneeling tempo hspu
Gymnastics accessory

3 sets
15 Parallette piked hspu*
12 Tall kneeling band pull aparts

*Use DB’s as handles
CFO Class: Gymnastics Strength

On 1min x 12mins for load:

Min 1- 4 Tempo bench press (2:2:X:4)
Min 2- 2-3 rope climbs

Although this is technically for load, other than keeping track for our records, this scoring should be an afterthought. This is really for quality of movement, athletes should be mindful of the benefits of tempo lifting. The weight should be chosen based on holding the integrity of the tempo.
CFO Class: MetCon Long

5 rounds for time of:

10 Chest to bar Pull-ups
10 Power Snatch 95/65lbs
10/8 Cal Machine

A triplet with our focus on maintaining pace, keeping quick singles on the barbell should allow us to hold quicker paces on the gymnastics and machine elements. Pull-ups: Thinking about cycling our reps smoothly to be quick enough. If we think quick we will not be smooth and in turn will not be quick. Snatch: athletes should keep a focus of weight distrubution in the feet, we want to initiate the pull through our heels, explode to our toes, then quickly back to the heels to recieve the bar Machine: Feel free to mix these up and as a general strategy, push the pace enough to get the work done in a respectable time but not enough that we are too fatigued for the pull-ups
Midline Accessory, iso

4 sets
40s Tall kneeling sandbag hug
15s L-sit hold