3 sets of:

1 Tall snatch + 2 Hang snatch + 3 Snatch

Work on extension driving the legs, then receive the bar with confidence. 

Main set

On 3mins x 6:

Sets 1-2

3 Snatches @ 75%

Sets 3-4

2 Snatches @ 80%

Sets 5-6

1 Snatch 85%+

CFO class


As many rounds as possible in 12mins of:

21 cal Bike/Row/Shuttle run 25ft
15 Hang cleans 135/95lbs
9 Toes to bar

A fun and balanced triplet today that includes all three modalities. Athletes should make sure to feel out the first round, since we get free reps on the mono structural piece we can govern our pace here but we can afford to hit this fairly hard as long as we can pick up the bar. With the toe to bar reps being lower, we should be trying to stay on the bar, while pacing ourselves on the hang clean.

Gymnastics Strength

On 2mins x 8mins:

Max kipping handstand push-ups

Shoulder Protocol

4 sets of:

10 DB front raises

10 DB lateral raises

10 DB strict press