Gymnastics Power

EMOM x 6 rounds
Min 1
6 Toes to bar*
Min 2
3 Deficit hspu

*If your max is over 15 reps, perform these weighted with a medball between the feet. We are looking for this to be explosive and powerful, scale as needed for this stimulus. Nothing should be crazy difficult rep to rep.
CFO Class: Back squat

Backsquat+ Bands @ 30-40%

E30secMOM x 10
2 reps
We are getting to 30-40% of our 1RM Squat, adding a little bit of band tension, and squatting for speed. We have worked on positions and dialed them in, our challenge now is to hold our positions through speed. The purpose of dynamic effort is to prime the CNS and develop our muscular contractile potential. We are not looking for heavy weights at maximal efforts, we are looking to have overly managable loads on our bars that we can hit consistently fast and explosive.
CFO Class: MetCon

EMOM x 8

Min 1-
9 Thrusters 95/65lbs
Min 2-
3 Bar muscle ups

We are essentially looking for high power outputs, if we are too metabolically fatigued, this won’t happen even though we are doing the same work. This is low rep, light weight work, athletes can maximize their training response by putting as much effort into every rep as possible. Our efforts today are fixed, there is no score for this MetCon. This is pure training where we will only get out of it what we put into it. Over the 12mins of this dynamic effort MetCon we should be fully recovered min to min. We are looking for fast, agressive repetitions. Exactly similar to the backsquat approach in a MetCon setting. This is one of those workouts that we have to remind ourselves is part of the process, we need to ensure that the effort is high even when the work is low.
Post chain, iso

45° Glute ham raise Hold on GHD
3 x max time
Tempo Interval conditioning

20 rounds
45s @ RPE 3
15s @ RPE 9

*Rest 2mins every 5 rounds