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1702, 2020

Tuesday 021820

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Crossfit Oshawa – CrossFit

Shoulder Press (6 x 3 @ 80%)

We’ve taken the the press today for the class and have simplified it quite a bit. The idea for the push press in the athlete section written above is complex and hard to apply to all levels. In addition, with the metcon being on the longer side, the press is more appropriate for today’s class. We’ve chosen the strict press since we haven’t touched this movement in a little bit.

Beginner athletes should focus on reducing tension through their grip in order to gain tension through the upper back while driving to lockout.

Advanced athletes can actually be cued opposite, in that they should be looking to squeeze the bar adding torque through the shoulders by attempting to break the bar in half as we drive to lockout.

All athletes should return the bar to the shoulders with elbows slightly ahead of the bar using the shoulders as a start point, think of it like a launching pad where we generate our force from. Controlled eccentric initiating with elbows breaking forward and a concentric drive upward.

Dionysus (Time)

For time

40 DB Step up over 50/35 lbs

100 Double under

40 DB Thrusters 50/35

100 Double under

40 DB hang Clean and Jerk 50/35

100 Double under

40 Devil press 50/35
Coach: Dionysus: God of wine, fruitfulness, parties, festivals, madness, chaos, drunkenness, vegetation, ecstasy, and the theater. This Benchmark will definitely live up to its description, bringing athletes through a madenned, chaotic, and drunken state, experiencing the ecstasy of finishing the workout. Starting with a consistent pace on the step over, athletes will need to be disciplined with their rep management. In the rest of the workout, we are looking to maintain our composure through the chaos, can we stay diligent and maintain the movement POP throughout this madness? This workout essentially has athletes moving from DB to jumping back and forth until the final devils press, an overall approach should be twofold:

1. Our DB movements should be strong through the legs, our legs need to be our driving force on the DB movements.

2. Our jumping should be relaxed through the arms and grip Every athlete advanced through beginner should be able to achieve this stimulus today with proper scaling methods.

Metcon (No Measure)


Banded March

5 minutes
Use a hard band, enough to make your glutes burn at the end of the 5 minutes.

Just wanted to thank you again seeing as I am now starting into my 6 month mark with CrossFit Oshawa.

The continued genuine interest and support in ensuring your clients are doing the wods safely and effectively has been instrumental for me.

The increased weights lifted are the easy measurables and still exciting to see that progress, but what hit me more this week was the not so easily measured successes.

Going from not being able to do one overhead squat with the pvc when I started to actually completing a wod containing overhead squats and doing it with the bar is an incredible feeling of accomplishment and motivation to achieve more.

That is just one example of what I have noticed these last few weeks.

As you both know my personality does not like to slow things down and work on the position before the weight gets added and you have both shown and proven to me to trust the process.

That’s enough rambling 🙂
I just wanted to say thanks and let you know you guys are great at what you do!

I just completed my first session and absolutely loved it, after I hurled (lol). Kidding. I can no longer walk up and down my stairs nor pick up pots and plates for dinner. Is this part of the nutritional diet?
Your ability to teach, demonstrate patience and know when to push me was fantastic. I unfortunately had to leave before watching the 3:30pm class. However, I will attend a class on Tuesday of next week then sit down and sign up. Your commitment to your customers is commendable and admirable. Thank you both for demonstrating such warm respect and terrific humour.

Warm regards

Jocelyn Herrett
Just wanted to say thank you to the coaches and supporting athletes within CrossFit Oshawa. The constant encouragement, coaching cues, and motivation provides the energetic atmosphere that I love being a part of. The camaraderie and excitement of stepping into the gym like I’m about to savagely pillage for Paleo Kits and Zone friendly recipes, creates a cohesiveness in our community that it unexplainable. Knowing that because of CrossFit I’m better than I was yesterday and that I’ll be better tomorrow than I am today has me longing in anticipation for tomorrow’s WOD. ‘What’s next – who cares, it’s legit.
Mattie A
Crossfit is a fun, friendly, competitive environment that any true athlete should thrive on. The programming is the new movement of working out and training. I did similar programs with my hockey and soccer teams before I went away [to the states on an NCAA soccer scolorship] and they are nothing but beneficial. I would recommend this to people of all ages as they are tough trainers but can involve anyone in a work out. I plan on continuing their training for many years to come.
Darija Davidson
I am loving my membership at CrossFit Oshawa! I love the coaches and the members, the best gym club I’ve ever been a member of. Thanks so much for helping me change a lot of bad habits I had going on in my life. Colleen Cox member since 2014 ❤️
Colleen Cox