To take our focus from magic recipe’s and secret shortcuts is not an easy task. Without a process to direct that focus it becomes a near impossibility. People are naturally inclined to take the path of least resistance; it’s ingrained in our DNA as a survival instinct. But, any success story will reveal the person with their story of their arduous process. Emotionally, we love hearing success stories that involve triumph and overcoming the impossible, it’s why we love the underdog stories so much. But, our focus here is on the outcome, because the process is the boring part. As far as process goes, not much rivals the 2000-present New England Patriots. It is the self proclaimed reason the New England Patriots have appeared 41% of all Superbowl games played in this century. Outlined by the team mantra “Do Your Job.”

Another team with a world famous process is the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Team. In the decade from 2000 to 2009, New Zealand won 100 tests for an 82% winning percentage. However, most people will tell you that the talent of Tom Brady, the Genius of Bill Belichick, or the secret training of the All Blacks is the reason why teams like this are consistently winning. One may think the teams have a secret ingredient that nobody else has. Some don’t understand that without a commitment to the ‘Patriot Way’ or to the All Black culture, this level of success doesn’t happen. It’s not a secret ingredient at all, ingredients help, but it’s the act of following the recipe to the Nth degree that is what brings these margins of success.

There is a recipe or a process in everyone’s lives, whether they are aware or not. Odds are, if they are unaware of their own process,’ they are most likely ineffective. They are simply our daily routines, how we react to situations, and essentially how we live our lives. When we become aware of these process,’ we have the powerful ability to take ownership over them and learn how to create more effective versions of them. On the contrary, when we jump around look for that perfect process, they never end up working how we perceived them to because we were looking for that ‘fairy dust magic’ that never existed. The ‘magic’ is in the hard work it takes to learn from the art of building your own process; there is no secret, there is only the nobility of hard work and the ability to execute your efforts in difficult times.