CFO Class: Metcon

For time
20 Box Jumps over wall 48″
25 Squat Snatch @95/65
10 DB Burpee Clean to Thruster
60 DB Front rack Lunges
10 DB Burpee Clean to Thruster
25 Squat Snatch @95/65
20 Box jumps over wall 48″

DB’s 50/35lbs

Today’s MetCon has nothing to do with our max effort week, we programmed this one to simply take a break from thinking about stimulus and simply push hard and have fun. We should keep in mind that in a pyramid chipper it is best to approach with the intensions of making the back side of the chipper faster than the first. Knowing when to be consistent and knowing when push hard is key, but we should always be trying to have fun!

Banded Glute bridge
5 x 20
Hold for 5 seconds after every 5 reps
Rest 60 seconds between sets

12 rounds of

12 Cal Bike
8 x 50ft weighted run*
30s rest

*Weight your run with a vest, light sandbag, or single DB on your shoulders. Choose your own weight.