Power Conditioning

40 seconds on, 20 sconds off x 8

Alrernating between
– Explosive sled drag
– Explosive sled pull
CFO Class: MetCon

As many rounds as possible in 15mins of:

30 Chest to bar pull-ups
30 Deficit Handstand push-ups 6/4″
10 Ring muscle ups
200ft Handstand walk
10 Bar muscle ups

You were probably thinking this week: where did all the gymnastics go? Well, here they are. Even though it’s a gymnastics biased workout, we still want to think about stimulus when we are scaling because more than gymnastics biased, this workout is stamina biased, if the movements are too challenging for us to keep a reasonable pace, or we go out too hard and blow ourselves up in the first two movements we will be doing a lot of standing around staring at bars, floors, and rings. Athletes should go at a pace where they can accomplish short rests and maintain a pace.

2 sets:
30 cal Row
30 Cal Bike
60s Sandbag bear hug 3/2

Rest 4mins
Shoulder Accessory

10 sets

3 DB strict press
6 Bent over DB reverse fly’s

*Try to use light DB’s and not put them down between sets.