CFO Class: MetCon

For time:

2 Mile Run
10 rounds of Cindy
30 Snatches 115/75lbs

CrossFit Triathlon, where our domains include: monostructural, gymnastics, and weightlifting.
The endurance to this MetCon should not be underestimated, breaking down the chipper, our two mile run should be run at a 2mile pace… for the first mile, the second mile athletes should work to gradually take down the pace so that the last lap is run at a pace where we are getting ready to take on the 10 rounds of cindy. We will hit cindy in the same fashion cycling quickly through the rounds until round 8 where we will start taking frequent breaks on the push-ups and shaking the legs out on the air squats so that we can pick up the bar and hit a steady pace right to the end.

30-20-10 cals for time of:


Rest 2mins between rounds
Grunt Work Accessory

4 sets
8 fat bar hang power cleans
100ft Bear hug walk 3/2