CFO Class: MetCon

Teams of 3

As many reps as possible in 25mins of:


*On the 0:00, 5:00, 10:00, 15:00, 20:00:

30/21 Calorie Row
30/21 Calorie Bike

Weight Climbs Every 30 Reps:
Weight 1: 95/65
Weight 2: 115/80
Weight 3: 135/95
Weight 4: 155/105
Weight 5: 185/135
Weight 6: 225/155
Weight 7: 245/165
Weight 8: 265/185

The workout starts with rowing and biking. On the row, we want to maximize effort and minimize transitions, since it takes a little longer to get in and out of the straps.Transitions on the bike are much faster, so athletes can afford to go a little harder and break it up more often. The clean strategy can be adjusted based on the weight on the barbell. At the first two barbells, athletes will likely be able to hold on for larger sets before switching. As the weight increases, between 1-3 reps will appropriate depending on the athlete. Teams can work through in order, prioritizing fast transitions, as the rep schemes will decrease.
Gymnastics Accessory

3 sets

60s Handstand hold
10 DB strict press

30s Bar L-hang
10 Ring rows