CFO Class: MetCon

As many rounds as possible in 22mins of:

3 rounds of DT
30 cal Machine

“DT” @ 155/105 lbs
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang power cleans
6 Jerks

Conditioning DT A bit of run off following last Saturdays epicness, we just couldnt’ resist programming this beast going into next week where we will begin a gymnastics base strength and weightlifting technique cycle. Athletes should have a focused approach being ready for the long haul, breaking the barbell from the start in order to stay consistent and holding a pace on the machines that allows us to get back to the bar and do work, but a pace that allows that work to happen right away.

Front Squat

On 2mins x 12mins

3 Tempo Front squats (3:0:x:0)
100ft light, hard sled push
Aerobic Conditioning

10Km Bike

0-3Km @RPE 6
3-5Km @RPE 7
5-6Km @RPE 7.5
6-8Km @RPE 7
8-10Km @RPE 6
Upper body Accessory

3 sets

20 Band resisted push-ups
6 Wall walks