CFO Class: MetCon

As many rounds as possible in 25mins of:

3-2-1 legless rope climbs
altnernating with
5-10-15 Push press @

Today’s workout is of epic sorts. “One round” will equal 3 rope climbs then 5 push press at 155/105lbs, 2 rope climbs then 10 push press at 135/95lbs, 1 rope climb then 15 push press at 95/65lbs. Athletes will move through as many rounds of this as possible in 25mins. This workout is a different format then we have seen before, a descending rep scheme built within a long amrap, where athletes will have to go back and descend through the reps multiple times. We will have to change our own weights on a single barbell, but this will be a great oppportunity to focus on recovery between sets. At first we will feel a sense of urgency, but we need to stay diligent with our pacing in order to sustain this for multiple rounds over 25mins. Transitions on the rope should be consistent, the push press should be unrboken. Resting in transitions.
Odd object Accessory

4 sets
60ft Yoke carry (Rack to rack and back)
50ft Silverback swings

3 rounds
1,000m Row
2,000m Bike
1,000m Ski
Gymnastics Strength

5 sets
40% strict hspu
40% strict pull-ups
30s rest
Midline Accessory

5 x 5/5Rack turkish get-up