For time: (25 min cap)

100 Toes to bar
* Every time you come off the pull up bar complete 10 pistols

60 Toes to bar
*Everytime you come off the bar complete 10 box supported pistols

100 Toes to Rig
* Every 10 reps complete 10 step ups to a high box



Success is not about talent. Whether you’re an athlete, an artist or a doctor, everyone at the highest level of any field is talented. Success is about commitment. _ What does it look like? Spoiler alert: It’s not sexy. True commitment means being focused on every minute of every day as a space to be perfected. It means devoting yourself to what others see as meaningless detail. You’re focused not on the outcome of your dedication, but on the dedication itself and the person you are trying to become. _ Commitment is maximizing everything you have in the categories that matter to your long-term goals. No matter what your craft is, there’s a question you should continually ask yourself: Am I committing everything I have to make myself the tiniest percentage better than I am right now, no matter how hard I have to work, no matter what I have to give up, no matter how long it takes? _ #Commit #BuiltByBergeron #CompTrain #CrossFit

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