CFO Class: MetCon

AMRAP 25mins of:

30 Ring dips
20 Power cleans 95/65lbs
30 Cal Row
10 Double dumbbell hang snatch 2×50/35lbs

A long one today, Our last workout of our volume phase. We are trying to simply accumulate reps through less demanding gymnastics movements, weightlifting loads, and cals on the machine. Push hard today and have fun knowing that to accumulate a lot of overall reps we are going to have to limit our reps performed in the first round. Less reps unbroken with quicker breaks will prove to be an effective strategy to last the full 25mins at a consistent pace.
Gymnastics conditioning

4 rounds of
20 cal bike
Max HS walk*

*if over 50ft add an obstacle
Gymnastics strength

E90secOM x 5
Min 1
Peg board ascent
Min 2
Max effort handstand push-ups
Aerobic Conditioning

3 x 10min Bike @ RPE 6-7-8
Odd object

EMOM x 6
Min 1
5 Fat bar Hang cleans
Min 2
75′ Sandbag Carry @Heavy

Accumulate 30 reps
Parallette Tuck to Straight leg L-sit

Weighted GHD Sit-ups to parallel
4 x 10 @Heavy
Rest 60 seconds between sets