Crossfit Oshawa – CrossFit

Gymnastics Stamina (AMRAP – Reps)

On 2mins x 10mins for reps:

Max strict toes to bar

Max kipping toes to bar
Snap closed

Staying on the bar for all of the toes to bar, athletes should have a point of focus on the strict toes to bar and the kipping. On the strict we want to push the bar away in order to involve as much of the lats as possible to assist our core. When we resort to kipping we want to think about the same thing but at the back of our beat swing athletes should snap closed thinking about actively driving the bar towards their toes.

Metcon (Time)

On 5mins x 15mins for slowest interval of:

21/15 cal row

9 Power cleans 155/105lbs

12 Front squats 155/105lbs

15 Box jump overs 30/24″
Pace building

We can all remember last friday, where we forced into a little bit of a learning experience as far as staying on pace. Our goal today is to show what we learned with another challenging workout for any of us to stay on pace with. What we will notice is that even though the rounds are longer, three rounds is a lot mentally easier to break up than five rounds. Nonetheless, trying to prevent hitting the threshold wall today and build on our pace getting faster each round.