We discussed fitness last week. The CFO way is to ensure that we are training people to become athletes of fitness, we believe everyone has the ability to tap into and find their true potential in human performance. We’ve done this time and time again, only to show what’s on the other side of this amazing discovery that more is possible than we can imagine.

Our Path

Since fitness is our metabolic, spacial awareness, and external load capacities. Simply: How much work can we do across a broad spectrum of time and movements. 

This requires us to train in a balanced proficiency, with a focus on developing attributes such as strength, endurance, flexibility, stamina, power, speed, coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance.

One of the greatest parts of our work at CFO is that we get to work with people who are motivated to make a change in their lives for a true purpose. This is such a humbling experience to be part of. We get to be a part of so many journey’s.

We have countless goals and assessment meetings with our athletes to dig deeper into achieving tangible things to help us on our way towards fitness. Goals range anywhere from athletes just wanting to stay active and have fun with it because they want to live a healthy and positive lifestyle, to athletes wanting to see just how far they can push their potential in the field of human performance. 

Finding strategies for these goals is where we come in, essentially we are mapping out a path of least resistance towards those goals, although it often feels like the path of most resistance, resistance training is what we do!

So in working backward from the athletes goals, together we plan our route towards it. Despite what some say about goal setting, we use the approach of “the bigger the goal the better,” because the longer the journey the more we learn about ourselves, setting smaller attainable goals along the way.

Once we have the goal and the strategies, we can find a starting point and get to work. Our start point is set last. The details are important, but we need the guidance of principled strategies first and foremost.

The Human Experience

At first, all of this seems very detailed and borderline obsessive, but it is all just a part of the human experience. We’d like to take ownership over our human experience and ensure that it’s a positive one that allows us to grow in other areas of our lives as well as in the gym. This commitment from the outside looking in seems wildly daunting, but with small steps over time and learning from a like minded and incredibly supportive community, the path towards fitness becomes a daily challenge that we look forward to. This is because we reap benefits in the long run and only commitment will reveal this truth.