The open to many of us is viewed as a competition. This is its intention, the first stage of the competition of crowning the fittest on earth. Many people enter the open to see where they measure from where they used to be, many people enter the open to be a part of the community, many people do it just because that’s what everyone else is doing. But there are motivators in between being a games hopeful and just doing it for fun. There seems to be a deeper challenge that people are curious about and it is more individual. Doing the open is a test with black and white results. Tests like this happen all the time and they don’t just test us within their given parameters they innately test our ability to thrive or survive. That’s why we love watching sports, we watch at first because the particular sport intrigues or interests us, but we keep watching because we want to see the hero triumph in the heat of battle. We get chills when this happens in a dramatic fashion because we are imposing our own struggles and they are personified through whatever sport we are watching on a deeper level than just entertainment value.

 It’s when we get too focused on the outcome or feel entitled to a certain outcome that we start to see negative results. The open is there not necessarily just to test the fittest, but the reason why 90% of people do the open is because there is some sort of opportunity that lies within the mental and physical struggle of a competition like this.

The Open

Our Process at CrossFit Oshawa is practiced and trained all year, we speak a lot about practice and training as it is the most crucial aspect of athletic progression.

The open is an opportunity for this progression not just in your Fitness but an opportunity to learn how to overcome, persevere in the face of pressures and adversity, via a trust in your process when the heart rate goes high and the pressure of the situation grows. I think we can all relate to this scenario in crucial moments within our lives. The more we overcome and work hard through those situations, the better prepared we will be in the next situation that presents itself with these struggles, regardless of the outcome. After experience with the infamous difficulty of doing “Fran” for the second (or the tenth) time and trying to beat your personal best, we tend to notice people’s perspective shift on what they thought was difficult in their everyday lives. 

This is what the open brings for 90% of it’s participants. A challenge for the sake of the challenge. 

Let’s go 2020!